Oil painting of a shed with sheep in front
Carolyn Lindsey, “Sheep Shed,” 10 x 16 in., oil on linen, 2018
An artist painting on an easel outdoors with red cliffs off in the distance
Carolyn Lindsey painting in Moab, Utah

How did you get started and then develop your career?

Carolyn Lindsey: Growing up I was always the kid who was drawing. This love eventually evolved into a career of teaching art in public school and then on to teaching painting and drawing at a community college. However, the path was not as straight as it first may appear.

After high school, two USDA agricultural exchange programs to China and Sweden, and a Bachelor of Science degree in textile science, I finally settled down to pursue an occupation that involved art and would allow me to eat. Teaching! I have greatly enjoyed teaching and have been able to paint along as time has allowed. Through the years I have taken workshops with artists I admire, entered juried shows and shown in galleries.

Initially, the majority of my work was large figurative paintings from life, many of which were in outdoor settings. Recently I have gotten the Plein Air fever, which has combined my love of the outdoors and travel. As of two weeks ago, I am now devoting all of my time to painting. Hooray! so look for me on the plein air painting trail.

How do you describe success?

Honestly, I am not certain. It changes. At times it’s receiving awards, sometimes it’s selling, and the best is receiving accolades from your peers, but ultimately, I guess it’s the ability to continue painting.

How do you find inspiration?

As with most painters I am drawn to value contrast, interesting shapes, complementary color schemes and atmospheric perspective, but often something will catch my eye and I’ll say to myself “That would be fun to paint,” so I will give it a try. Sometimes it works out but often not, but I always learn something.

In regard to subject matter, I am drawn to rocks, cliffs and canyons, having grown up and generally lived where water is in short supply, too much green can be difficult for me to translate to the canvas, but anxious to try now that I will have more time to travel.

What is the best thing about being an artist?

Having the opportunity to paint and travel with other artists who have become great friends cannot be overstated.

It may be a cliche, but as an artist you see the world differently, and you have the luxury of interpreting that vision to others. Sometimes it goes well and you’re on cloud nine, and other times it’s a struggle, but there is always hope for the next painting!

Oil painting of sheds on a farm with trees in the background
Carolyn Lindsey, “Sullivan Farm,” 8 x 12 in., oil on linen, 2020
Oil painting of red rock cliffs
Carolyn Lindsey, “Guardian,” 16 x 12 in., oil on linen, 2019
Oil painting of red cliffs in the distance with grassland in foreground
Carolyn Lindsey, “Mammoth,” 10 x 16 in., oil on linen, 2020
Oil painting of shack on a wharf
Carolyn Lindsey, “Pete’s Place,” 12 x 9 in., oil in linen, 2021

To see more of Carolyn’s work, visit: www.carolynlindsey.com


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