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Mid-Atlantic Painters Hold Gala

The spectacular views out the windows of Baltimore's World Trade Center Building were the backdrop for the opening of the Mid-Atlantic Plein Air Painters...

Laguna Event Enjoys Phoenix-like Rebirth

When the Laguna Plein Air Painting Invitational lost its home at the Laguna Art Museum last year, saddened West Coast artists didn't know what...

COLOR: A Hue More Popular Than White?

Most artists were probably not surprised to read in a recent post on OutdoorPainter.com that painters go through a lot of white paint. But...

Lost in Beauty on the Coast of Northern California

The Pacific Coast Highway hugs the California coastline from Dana Point to Mendocino County, but it skips a big section about 230 miles north...

Finding Beauty in L.A.’s Downtown River

"This river was here before the city was." Los Angeles arts activist Spike Dolomite reminds us of this fact before embarking on an excited...

OPPORTUNITY: Plein Air Oklahoma

Travel to the Tahlequah area in November to compete for $5,000 in prizes at Plein Air Oklahoma. Nancy Harkins, Jerral Derryberry, and Debbie Cannatella...

Goodbye to a ‘Regular’ Job

You hear it often enough: An artist still has a job outside the art world in order to pay the bills. Here’s the story...

Early Influences: Mark Fehlman

What painting helped push Mark Fehlman on the path to being an artist? Lead Image: “The Palm Grove,” by Joaquín Sorolla, 1918, oil, 90...

OPPORTUNITY: Painting in the Denver area in October

- Bob Bahr reporting, Editor PleinAir Today - The deadline is April 1 to enter a new event focused on locations in Jefferson County, Colorado....

Like a Dream

- Bob Bahr reporting, Editor PleinAir Today - If it weren’t for a dream Carol Strock Wasson had, she wouldn’t have competed at the recent...

OPPORTUNITY: Inaugural Plein Air Event, Cape Ann, Massachusetts

- Bob Bahr reporting, Editor PleinAir Today - Coastal Massachusetts, one of the most inspiring places in America to paint, now has another plein air...

When an Artist Can Paint the Past, Today

- Bob Bahr reporting, Editor PleinAir Today - For three days, artists at a living museum in New Brunswick, Canada, painted scenes from life in...

Robert Stump’s Plein Air Paintings Are Illuminating — Literally

New York State artist Robert Stump paints pleasing plein air scenes on location that end up as lampshades, putting the art in arts & crafts. How?

Parting Shot: Rare Hare Sighting

Michele Farrier saw a snowshoe hare outside her kitchen window recently, and made the executive decision to paint it quickly from inside, where the temperature was not 5 degrees, and she had less of a chance of spooking the creature.

Got a Painting of Skies and Clouds? Send It In!

Even in winter, there’s usually fantastic, challenging subject matter … right over your head. PleinAir Today will publish the most interesting paintings of skies and clouds that we receive by February 20.

A Wilderness Trampled for Centuries

American artists James Coe and Debby Kaspari were part of a group that painted for 10 days in one of the cradles of civilization. No matter ho­­w remote the location, they saw numerous signs of human activity. That’s the nature of the Mideast.

Nitram Charcoals: Before and After

On June 12, 2016, a devastating fire ripped through and destroyed the Nitram Charcoal factory. Although the bad news continued after the destruction, good news has begun to surface, including what we have to report here.

Who was the Best at the Best?

June 10 was rocking at the Forest & Ocean Gallery as the Laguna Plein Air Painters Association (LPAPA) hosted its opened reception for the 13th annual “Best of Plein Air” juried art show. In addition to fine art, cheeses, wine, and fruits, several artists also received awards. Who were they?

OPPORTUNITY: Lakeside Plein Air

The Lakeside Arts Park has been hosting its annual Art Fair at the Dole for two successful years. Now planning for the third annual event, organizers are looking for artists to add some plein air flavor. The deadline for the September event approaches, however.

Three Generations of Buerkles

Throughout art history, it’s common to find generations of families with art as their vocation. Despite being less frequent today, there are artists alive today who find themselves part of a storied family tradition, including the talented Poppy Balser. What happens when artistic passion is not only inherited, but encouraged and supported in the younger generation?
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