Decked! With Donald

Well-known painter Donald Neff recently found himself aboard an Alaskan cruise ship for the fourth time, with a slightly different set of priorities than touring and sightseeing: painting en plein air. His results?

Where in the World? HERE!

If you haven’t had the chance to see some of the incredible footage from last week’s global event “Where in the world is...,” look no further because we’ve compiled several of the videos here! This only scratches the surface!

Adirondack Glory

Nearly 100 artists have gathered with Publisher Eric Rhoads this week at Paul Smith College near the Canadian border for family, friendship, and a week-long plein air painting extravaganza.

OPPORTUNITY: The Chateau Beckons

A group of artists recently returned from a weeklong journey where they took on the enviable task of capturing the Loire Valley in Trôo, France, en plein air. A delightful little photo essay of their adventure is one click away.

PleinAir Is Global

If you’ve ever wondered how diverse and far-reaching the plein air culture is, look no further than a fantastic three-day event that began today.

Touring National Parks, En Plein Air

Robert C. Rigsby, Jr. has brought new meaning to extreme plein air, as the artist spent much of 2016 trying to paint each of our nation’s 59 national parks in observance of their 100th anniversary. Did he reach his goal? His amazing story is here!

Giant New Zealand Mosquitoes?

A travelogue about the recent Publisher’s Invitational Painters’ Trip to New Zealand, by Eric Rhoads of PleinAir Magazine

Parting Shot: Ice Painting! With a Burner!

Anders Andersson is not messing around. He hacks through ice, paints with freezing water, burns his paper with a propane torch, and chases it all down with Jack Daniel’s.

Finding History on the Outskirts of Pittsburgh

Oil painter William Pfahl set his sights on a historic town of 3,000 for a series of cityscapes. His pieces examine the nature of light, the charm of older buildings, and the pull of history.

Plein Air Adventures: Make Way for the Helicopter!

We all have our plein air painting war stories. California artist Robin Purcell seems to have more than her fair share. One of the more interesting ones involved a helicopter.

Parting Shot: Cold All Over

How cold is it in Serbia? Jethro Knight had a rare chance to paint a frozen Danube River, that’s how cold.

Itinerant Painter on the Waves

What’s it like being a painter who lives on a sailboat? Brenda Osborne assures us it is hard. And hard to quit doing.

Painting an Icy Stampede

Every year, Dan Gray paints a New Year’s Day spectacle in Parksville, on Canada’s Vancouver Island, that lasts just minutes.

Capturing Nepali Carvings Before They Disappear

Nepal was hit hard by an earthquake in April 2015, and an artist named Gurung Dhwoj has been at the center of the relief efforts. Along the way, he has scratched out some time to paint and sketch. Recently, his drawings have more urgency to them, as he realized that many wood carvings on buildings—a key element in the local culture—were not being restored or preserved amidst the great chang

What He Learned at the Poles

David McEown paints in both the Arctic Circle and Antarctica each year. He’s learned some fascinating things along the way.

Italy, Abstracted

Richard Kattman tells the story about how he was painting a fairly abstract piece in Italy when someone in a passing car slammed on the brakes. What did the driver say?

Painting From a Boat in the Low Country

Jason Zimmer loves to be on the water. He’s a fervent fisherman. He’s also an artist and a teacher at SCAD. Put Savannah, painting, and fishing together, and you get an interesting body of work.

Supermoon Draws Out the Artists

Many parts of the country had a clear night for the supermoon that shone on November 14. Plein air painters responded. Hey, it’s another excuse to get together and paint nocturnes. Here are some reports from a few artists.

Parting Shot: Cubs Win! Painter Paints!

Chicago plein air artist Nancie King Mertz caught baseball fever recently when the Chicago Cubs won the World Series.

Painting a NASA Telescope

Joanna Barnum says her plein air painting experience allowed her to make a successful watercolor under the tight schedule allowed by NASA recently at the Goddard Space Flight Center.
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