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Going to Extremes: Plein Air Painting in a Rail Yard

An artist shares how he followed his muse and made his way into a rail yard to paint a burned out and abandoned train car.

Painting a Presidential Centennial

- Bob Bahr reporting, Editor PleinAir Today - Members of the Ohio Plein Air Society and their guests recently gathered at a presidential library to...

The Painter from Ipanema

On a recent trip to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, my wife and I were walking along the sidewalk at Ipanema Beach when I noticed a group of plein air painters in the median strip between the different lane directions on the boulevard.
Paint the Way 'Cross the USA - by Bike

Biking to PACE?!

In conjunction with PACE 2022 (the Plein Air Convention & Expo), and the excitement of the convention returning as an IN PERSON event, I...
Plein Air Magazine

Painting Winter in the Midwest

Minnesota artist Carl Cedergren recently sent us photographs of himself painting on a frozen river around Pine County. We found his paintings appealing, but...

Itinerant Painter on the Waves

What’s it like being a painter who lives on a sailboat? Brenda Osborne assures us it is hard. And hard to quit doing.
Painting nocturnes en plein air - OutdoorPainter.com

Adventures in Painting Nocturnes on Location

To study the art of painting nocturnes, Jake Gaedtke began venturing into the mountains at 2:00 a.m. There, he began a personal series of lessons in painting, in fears of the unknown, and in close calls with nature. Read about his apprehensions and challenges in this guest blog post, and see if it inspires you to paint outdoors at night!

Painting Florida in All Its Variety

Florida artist Sharon Osterholt decided she would spend 2015 visiting and painting every state park in the Sunshine State. Here's what she discovered. Lead...

Diving Into Plein Air

It’s hard for a lot of artists to “take the plunge” into full-time painting, let along taking up art in the first place. However, this story is about as extreme — and entertaining — as it gets.
International plein air painting

Video: Painting the Wilderness of the UAE

Follow Dubai-based plein air artist Matt Ryder as he heads into the deserts and mountains of Fujairah, Dubai Creek, Wadi Shawkha, Mleiha, and many other beautiful locations.

Truck-Top Painting Platform, Anyone?

- Bob Bahr reporting, Editor PleinAir Today - Mike Mahon likes the view he gets from on top of his vehicle. So he developed a...

Plein Air in Provence

France — where beauty resides in every village and field — is a favorite destination for me. I love traveling there and painting from life the beauty I see. How did my recent trip go? Find out here...
Plein air painting in bad weather

Plein Air Painting … in a Pod

You may know Sharon Bamber from her incredible 1,000-mile expedition of walking and painting the Way of Saint James in Spain. Here's her brilliant solution to painting through the snow and rain.

Randall Cogburn on Galveston Island

Texas artist Randall Cogburn was lucky to remain terrestrial recently when his setup on a jetty on Galveston Island was threatened by weather rough...

Parting Shot: Cold All Over

How cold is it in Serbia? Jethro Knight had a rare chance to paint a frozen Danube River, that’s how cold.
Painting Shanghai Disneyland

Painting Shanghai Disneyland

George Scribner takes us on his once-in-a-lifetime journey of painting the construction of Shanghai Disneyland.

Parting Shot: The Upside of Challenging Weather

Bob Bahr reporting, Editor PleinAir Today Kyle Buckland senses that when the weather gets bad, it can have a positive effect on a plein air...

Decked! With Donald

Well-known painter Donald Neff recently found himself aboard an Alaskan cruise ship for the fourth time, with a slightly different set of priorities than touring and sightseeing: painting en plein air. His results?
Extreme plein air painting - Amanda Morettini - OutdoorPainter.com

Why I Paint Landscapes From the Side of Cliff

This 23-year-old painter has figured out how to take her easel up the side of cliffs and through the branches of giant redwoods to dizzying heights. Here’s why.

Bitter Cold, Crashing Waves & Rising Tides

Going outdoors to paint inspiring subjects sometimes involves putting up with extreme weather conditions or facing unexpected challenges. Both of those things happen to...
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