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Extreme Plein Air

On a Lake in Indiana….

- Bob Bahr reporting, Editor PleinAir Today - The Indiana Plein Air Painters Association has long held biennial paint-outs on Lake Wawasee, the largest natural...

Supermoon Draws Out the Artists

Many parts of the country had a clear night for the supermoon that shone on November 14. Plein air painters responded. Hey, it’s another excuse to get together and paint nocturnes. Here are some reports from a few artists.

Tolerating the Extremes of Southeast Texas

Texas pastel painter Linda Dellandre reports that extreme heat, high humidity, and alligators can be just as challenging to a plein air painter as...

Puddles: Water and Light

Robert Bashford likes painting puddles. If you think about it, that’s brilliant. Why? Lead Image: “The Muddy Bikers,” by Robert Bashford, oil, 10 x...

“Into the Arctic II”

View the trailer for “Into the Arctic II,” a film about plein air painter Cory Trepanier returning to paint the Canadian Arctic. The film...
Painting nocturnes en plein air - OutdoorPainter.com

Adventures in Painting Nocturnes on Location

To study the art of painting nocturnes, Jake Gaedtke began venturing into the mountains at 2:00 a.m. There, he began a personal series of lessons in painting, in fears of the unknown, and in close calls with nature. Read about his apprehensions and challenges in this guest blog post, and see if it inspires you to paint outdoors at night!

My Favorite Place to Paint: Keith Gunderson

Florida may be old news to many, but it can still be rather exotic. Especially where Keith Gunderson paints. One of Gunderson's favorite places...
HipCamping in South Dakota, through the app HipCamp

Plein Air Painting On the Road with a VW Vanagon, My Wife, and My...

In the summer of 2021, we took to the road for a month and a half, leaving New Haven, CT, to make our way to the Pacific Northwest.

How to Be Different…Go Underground

The Steelville Arts Council hosts a plein air event every summer, and it seems it just can't help but be unusual compared to most....
Debra Huse plein air painting on a boat

Plein Air Painting — On a Boat!

Watch a video clip of Debra Huse painting while on a boat and using a custom “rod-pochade.”

The Paint That’s Illegal

- Bob Bahr reporting, Editor PleinAir Today - There’s a paint, a “material,” that an artist patented, and no one else is allowed to use...
Artist Carrie Pill - Painting outdoors

How One Artist is Combining Painting and … Skiing?

Artist Carrie Pill paints and skis Vermont’s 20 alpine ski areas this season ...

Global Plein Air

You likely wouldn’t be surprised if I told you that outdoor painting is a worldwide phenomenon. We spend a lot of time detailing the amazing events, exhibitions, and festivals here at home, so why not take a brief moment to see what’s happening across the pond?
Plein air painter Randall Cogburn

A 260-Mile Plein Air Relay

Is it possible to participate in two distant plein air events in the same week? This ambitious artist pushes the limits to find out. Bonus: Includes a list of tips for your next plein air event!

Documenting Before Demolition

A small group of plein air painters in the Catskill Mountains of New York are capturing buildings in paint before the wrecking ball gets...

Artists and Kids Paint Bryce Canyon National Park

I was recently invited to be a guest artist at Bryce Canyon National Park during the annual Geology Festival. It is the first time an artist has been invited to present at the event, which is sponsored by the Park Service and the Bryce Canyon Natural History Association. It was my hope that my visit might kick-start a permanent artist-in-residence program there. I think we may have succeeded.
The brown bear that Bill Davidson encountered while plein air painting in the Tetons

How One Artist Survived a Bear Encounter

What should you do if you see a bear while plein air painting in the wilderness? See what Bill Davidson did to survive his encounter.
Plein Air Painters of Alaska - OutdoorPainter.com

Plein Air Painting in the Land of the Midnight Sun

The Plein Air Painters of Alaska, bound together by their hardy Alaskan “can do” attitude, have battled grizzly bears, huge swarms of mosquitoes, inclement weather, and hours of winter darkness to pursue their passion for painting outside.
Painting My Way ’Cross the USA — By Bicycle!

Painting My Way ’Cross the USA — By Bicycle!

Meet Lewis Williams, a plein air artist with a big dream to paint his way, via bicycle, from California to Maine.
Ted Heublein painting underwater

Plein Air, Sous Marine

Theodore Heublein has been diving for 50 years, and for the past 20, has been painting underwater at the Point Lobos State Natural Reserve....