Featured Artwork: Carol Strock Wasson

Orchid Studies
Each study is 6 x 6 in., oil

About this series:
When it is too cold and nasty to paint outside, where does a plein air artist go?
In my area, I go to the Rinard Orchid Greenhouse on the Ball State University Campus. A pleasant place to be on a cold snowy day, I went three times and from those visits I have started an orchid series.
My plans are to use compositional structure to create a series of abstract paintings based on the orchid flower.

About the artist:
Carol Strock Wasson is devoted to plein air painting and is always venturing forth into new areas with pastel or oil. She is focused on painting with spontaneity and freshness. Her dedication is evident in awards and entry into prestigious shows across the country. Top awards include the Silver Medal Award at Indiana Heritage Arts in 2007, a prestigious Indiana exhibition. Other shows include Hoosier Salon, Arts for Parks, Pastel Society of America, and Pastels USA. She has also been a featured artist at the Door County Plein Air Festival in 2008, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015. Carol was one on ten artists to participate in Painting Indiana II, the second in a series of books produced by Indiana Plein Air Painters Association (IPAPA), and Painting Indiana III. She is a supporting member of numerous organizations locally and nationally. Her work can be seen at Strock Wasson Studio; Gordy Fine Art, Muncie, Indiana; and Editions Limited Gallery of Fine Art, Indianapolis, Indiana.


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