Thomas Jefferson Kitts wrote about his experience at the Carmel Art Festival on his blog.

Another post on this site discusses the details of the Carmel Art Festival, which wrapped up on May 19. Now read Thomas Kitts’s first-person account of the event, at his blog.

“Sometimes what we do as traveling painters boggles my mind,” Kitts begins. “We come together from what is often already a beautiful location in the world, we shake hands, hug, then paint like madmen for a few days before scattering apart like particles from smashed atoms. Only a few days ago I was down in Carmel, California with my fellow painter Anton Pavlenko, in one of the most stunning areas on the West Coast (if not the world) intensely painting with some old friends and making new ones, competing for cash awards and sales, joking, having fun, and eating and drinking together after dark in hidden pubs and eateries. Then getting up in the wee hours of morning and doing it all over again the next day. And finally, frantically polishing up the work and framing it in the back of the Jeep before hanging it on a peg board wall for the moneyed set to collect. Intensity and focus poured into a mere sixteen hours of light.” Read the rest here.


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