Plein air paintings -
Yong Hong Zhong, “Getting Ready to Paddle,” 2018, watercolor, 11 x 14 in., Private collection, Plein air

In this weekly series Kelly Kane, Editor-in-Chief of Plein Air Magazine, shares a favorite painting from the current issue.

Kelly Kane’s Pick of the Week: Getting Ready to Paddle

“You have to be confident, from beginning to end. If the work is not good, you destroy it. But during the process, you have to trust that it is going to be fine. Most of my brushstrokes are done in one motion. I mix the color, practice the stroke in my head, and then put it down. Spontaneity is part of the beauty of the medium [watercolor], and speed comes with confidence. Only if you can convince yourself can you convince your audience.”
— Yong Hong Zhong (“No Fear Watercolor,” February-March 2019) PleinAir Magazine

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