Facebook Live Series: Thomas Jefferson Kitts “Sorolla: Painting the Color of Light” **FREE LESSON VIEWING**

A word from one of our sponsors, with advice on how to paint like Sorolla.

Now is the perfect time to invest in bettering your painting and drawing skills. Each day at 3pm Eastern, during most of the quarantine period, Streamline Art Video will be giving you “Artist of the Day” segments live on Facebook to give you something to do and learn. (Like the page here for updates and more free art videos!)

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How to paint like Sorolla - OutdoorPainter.com
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Thomas Jefferson Kitts is one of very few to master the techniques of the great artist Joaquín Sorolla, famous for his ability to paint the color of light. Thomas is inspired by how light plays across his subject and has devoted his life to capturing it in oil. He prefers to work from life for its honesty and immediacy, incorporating many alla prima techniques developed by master artists such as Sargent, Sorolla, and Zorn.How to paint like Sorolla - Thomas Jefferson Kitts

Click here for the full video workshop on how to paint like Sorolla.

Video Length: 15 hours, 22 minutes

With this exclusive video training, you will learn:

  • The working methods and incredible techniques of Sorolla (Claude Monet even called him “the master of light”)
  • The way he actually applied the paint to produce such a stunning end result
  • How Sorolla conveyed the intensity of light in his paintings
  • The value of working at a fast pace so you’re not even thinking while you paint

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