by Kathryn Stats

Renowned artist Kathryn Stats has launched an advanced painting mentorship program resulting from many years of requests and planning.  Are you interested and eligible?  Find out here.

Acclaimed painter Kathryn Stats is offering a new individualized mentorship program for professional or amateur artists looking to take their art to the next level.  The program is designed to meet each participant’s specific needs and strengths.  “Each artist will have developed a manageable and concretely-defined goal for their study after the first 30 days” Stats suggests.  “Each month, artists will submit work which Ms. Stats will review and provide feedback via one-on-one conference call. These personal one-on-one monthly sessions allows the artist a rare opportunity to interact with Ms. Stats on an ongoing basis. Work submitted can be any work chosen by the artist as well as work required from specific assignments by Ms. Stats. This personal approach to teaching allows Ms. Stats to get to know each artist, their work, goals, strengths and challenges. Direct contact with an internationally known master artist who can answer questions and offer solutions to painting difficulties presents a rare opportunity.

Stats working in her studio

Each artist will interact directly with Ms. Stats via phone at a prearranged time. Even though there will be 10 artists selected, artists and their work will only be shared directly with Ms. Stats and the program staff, not with other students. For special issues such a competitions or exhibitions, more access to direct consultation with Ms. Stats can be available.

Monthly, each mentored artist will also receive a teaching module with specific goals directly targeting the needs and challenges that fit their personal needs. As Ms. Stats believes that at higher levels of mastery, mentoring must address the individuals versus the group’s needs. Teaching modules will be written for each individual student to enhance strengths and address challenges such as advanced understanding and assignments related to value, color harmony, temperature and vibration, composition, brushwork, how to advance in competitions, gallery sales and shows.

The program offers 6 or 10 month sessions.  Tuition for 10 months is $4500 or $3200 for 6 months.  To apply, contact Marcy Bailey at [email protected]

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