Gallery of Wisconsin Art in West Bend will soon open its doors to an incredible landscape exhibition featuring nearly 100 artists both contemporary and historic. You don’t want to miss out on this display!

A magnetic exhibition of Wisconsin art will soon be on display at West Bend’s Gallery of Wisconsin Art. The exhibition will feature Wisconsin landscape interpretations by both early and contemporary artists from the state.

Among many others, represented contemporary artists include Beki Borman, Thomas Buchs, Derrick Buisch, Steven Gerhartz, Margaret Lockwood, Valerie Mangion, Ann Meyer, Andrew Rubin, Terry Firkins, and Daniel Fleming. Historic artists include, among others, Fred Berman, Thomas Dietrich, Ruth Grotenrath, Helen Moynihan, Carol Rowan, Charles Thwaites, and Santos Zingale.

To learn more, visit the Gallery of Wisconsin Art.

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