The town of Mineral Point, Wiscosin, likes to say that their city is “where Wisconsin began,” because lead ore mining there attracted settlers to an area that was previously considered part of Michigan. Artists today consider Mineral Point a beautiful, historical town to paint.
More than 100 paintings were recently completed during Paint the Point, a plein air competition there sponsored by Arts Mineral Point. Patty Voje won Best in Show for her piece “Closing Time.” John Preston had a good experience at Paint the Point — he won First Prize (for “Day Watch”) and Second Prize (for “The Yellow Shed”). Third Prize went to Diane Washa for “On the Race Track,” and Jan Norsetter took Fourth for “Cloud Shadows.” Lori Beringer won Honorable Mention.

John Preston with his First and Second Prize paintings, “Day Watch” and “The Yellow Shed”

“On the Race Track,” by Diane Washa. Third Prize

“Cloud Shadows,” by Jan Norsetter. Fourth Prize

There was a Quick Draw. Richard Abraham won First Prize for “Chestnut Street,” Lisa Stauffer won Second Prize for “Behind Foundry Books,” and Spencer Meagher took Third for “Vacancy at the Lumberyard.”

“Rest for the Weary,” by Spencer Meagher. Nocturne winner

“Chestnut Street,” by Richard Abraham. Quick Draw winner

“The Long View,” by Sherri Thomas. Artists’ Choice

In the Nocturne event, Spencer Meagher won First Prize for “Rest for the Weary,” Thomas Buchs took Second Prize with “Jail Alley Nocturne,” and James Faecke and Sherri Thomas won Honorable Mention. Thomas also won the Artists’ Choice award, for “The Long View.”


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