Not green, but spring

Julie Riker enjoyed a nice spring day of painting recently. Can’t you tell?

Riker says it was a nice spring day, and the calendar confirms that it technically is spring, but in Pennsylvania, it doesn’t look too much like it yet. Riker is undeterred.

“I love the sparse colors of early spring before everything busts open,” she says. “This was a warm sunny day, maybe the first 70-degree day of the season, and I met my friend to paint. He wanted to paint an old oak tree in a small cemetery, which was pretty cool, but I decided to turn in the other direction.

The resulting painting
The resulting painting

“The sky was rather interesting, with its subtle gradations and contrails, and I liked the rows of cut corn leading back into the scene. I feel like the lack of foliage everywhere, which would have blocked out sunlight, makes everything brighter — but maybe it was just an exceptionally sunny day. I also think the lack of color in the landscape makes for a more harmonious painting.”


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