how to paint with pastels
A scene from "Secrets of Painting a Nighttime Look with Pastels" with Nancie King Mertz

On painting a nocturne with pastels > Join art publisher Eric Rhoads on this episode of Art School Live, featuring Nancie King Mertz!

An award-winning artist, Nancie has spent her lifetime painting in oil and pastel. She is a Master Signature member of the Pastel Society of America and the Chicago Pastel Painters, as well as a Signature Member of American Women Artists and Degas Pastel Society.

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Urban Pastel Painting” is the art video workshop by Nancie King Mertz, who reveals her secrets to creating an urban pastel masterpiece.

Inside you’ll learn:

  • How to simplify a complicated structure (this should help both beginners and seasoned painters)
  • IMPORTANT: What you need to know about using warm colors at the back of your painting
  • It’s all about detail, right? Wrong! Especially at this certain point in the painting process
  • Why you should think VERY carefully about the color of paper you use. (Many artists fall into the trap of not paying enough attention to this — discover why it’s crucial you don’t become one of them)
  • Beware of introducing “lights” too soon (Nancie explains why this is the case … and when you should introduce them)
  • Don’t be afraid to “push” color … BUT … you need to make sure of this if you want to get it right
  • How to draw the eye of your viewer to the back of your painting using a light violet
  • How Nancie gives her painting a “little more life” in the final stages
  • Pastels vs. oils vs. watercolors: Here’s why you’ll fall in love with pastels
  • Looking to fill in “tighter” areas of your painting? Then you need to know this
  • Plan on painting a city scene? Then what Nancie has to say about painting windows is something you don’t want to miss
  • Counterintuitive advice for creating the “center of interest” of your painting (this should make your work far more interesting)
  • Plus much more — including…
    Composition tips for unique urban paintings…
    How to layer colors for rich results…

Preview “Urban Pastel Painting” here:

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