Fall Landscape Paintings Melanie Barash Levitt

“Fall foliage is my favorite time of year to paint in the White Mountains,” said Melanie Barash Levitt. In this Art School Live interview with Eric Rhoads, Melanie paints a fall landscape using only a palette knife.

Watch the demonstration here:

“Painting Fall Foliage with a Palette Knife”

Additional Fall Landscape Paintings by Melanie Barash Levitt:

Fall Landscape Paintings Melanie Barash Levitt Fall Landscape Paintings Melanie Barash Levitt

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  1. I watched this video when it was first aired, and it added important new techniques to my plein air ‘tool box’. The versatility of mark-making with a palette knife (and other edgers and scrapers) really improves my work. Thank you Melanie and Eric!

    Deering, NH

  2. A fabulous tutorial. Watching from Algonquin Highlands in Ontario Canada
    Thank you. Fabulous demo. I learned so much


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