Plein Air Podcast

Listen to the Plein Air Podcast, hosted by Publisher Eric Rhoads. Each week Rhoads features a new artist to discuss the world of painting outdoors, the business side of art, and more.

PleinAir Podcast - George Gallo

PleinAir Podcast 196: George Gallo on Making Movies and Art

In this PleinAir Podcast, Eric interviews movie director and plein air artist George Gallo, who takes us behind the scenes of his first movie, "Local Color." They also discuss painting for yourself versus the market; plein air compared to studio painting; and how the act of painting informs his film work.
PleinAir Podcast - Eric Rhoads Thomas Bucci

Plein Air Podcast 228: Thomas Bucci on the Art Career Path and More

In this episode, Eric Rhoads interviews Thomas Bucci. Listen and watch as they discuss art inspiration and careers, and much more.

PleinAir Podcast: Episode 15 – Eric Rhoads Interviews Kathy Anderson

In this week's episode of the PleinAir Podcast, Publisher Eric Rhoads visits with the delightful artist and person Kathy Anderson. Anderson and Rhoads discuss...

PleinAir Podcast: Episode 47 – Joan LaRue and ‘Why Plein Air?’

In this episode of the PleinAir Podcast, Publisher Eric Rhoads interviews artist JoAnne Larue, who has an important message for our listeners you don't want to miss. Although originally interested in fashion design, Larue eventually found inspiration through the works of Kevin and Wanda McPherson. The rest, they say, is history.
Plein air landscape paintings by Marc Dalessio -

PleinAir Art Podcast Episode 79: American Artist Marc Dalessio

Dalessio is an American artist who went to Italy in 1992 on a one-year trip; listen to the interview and see why he never left.
Watercolor painting, Joseph Zbukvic

PleinAir Podcast Episode 111: Joseph Zbukvic on the Evolution of Watercolor and More

Internationally known watercolorist Joseph Zbukvic talks about “traps” artists can fall into, how various countries handle art and education, and much more, in this week’s PleinAir Podcast with Eric Rhoads.
HaideeJo Summers on the PleinAir Podcast

PleinAir Podcast 143: Haidee-Jo Summers on Brushwork, Finding Painting Subjects, and More

In this week’s PleinAir Podcast with Eric Rhoads, UK artist Haidee-Jo Summers tells us about her brushwork techniques for plein air, and much more!
Kathie Odom - PleinAir Podcast

PleinAir Podcast 175: Kathie Odom on Painting Alla Prima and More

In this episode Eric interviews impressionist artist Kathie Odom about her past decade of painting outdoors, including her advice for beginning plein air painters.
Ben Bauer, featured in the PleinAir Podcast with Eric Rhoads

PleinAir Podcast 207: Ben Bauer’s Leap to Becoming a Full-Time Artist

In this episode Eric interviews contemporary American landscape painter Ben Bauer, who recently left his job to become a full-time artist. They discuss this, as well as key essentials to know about art materials; how painting in plein air changed his work; tips on composition; and more.
Plein Air Podcast - Eric Rhoads - Rich Gallego

Plein Air Podcast 240: Rich Gallego on Close Calls and More

This is episode number 240 of the Plein Air Podcast with Eric Rhoads and California artist Rich Gallego. Listen as they discuss being a plein air painter instead of being a rendering device and much more!