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Listen to the Plein Air Podcast, hosted by Publisher Eric Rhoads. Each week Rhoads features a new artist to discuss the world of painting outdoors, the business side of art, and more.

PleinAir Podcast: Episode 51 – Carl Bretzke’s Transformation

In this episode of the PleinAir Podcast, Publisher Eric Rhoads interviews the quickly ascending Minneapolis-based artist Carl Bretzke. Throughout the interview, Rhoads and Bretzke discuss the artist's choice to retire from a medical career and pursue painting full-time, a transition that involves a number of important challenges and strategies that many artists face.
Plein Air Podcast - New Zealand

Plein Air Podcast 227: What It’s Like to Paint New Zealand

In this special episode, Eric Rhoads welcomes three artists from the recent painting trip he led to beautiful, exotic New Zealand, "truly a magical place."
PleinAir Podcast - OutdoorPainter.com

PleinAir Podcast: Episode 32 – Jim Wodark Breaks Through With Every Painting

Having only begin his artistic career at age 25, Wodark has blossomed into one of the nation's premier plein air painters. In this illuminating discussion, Wodark shares with Rhoads his process of juggling fatherhood with painting, the importance of composition, and making breakthroughs on every painting he completes. There's surely something for everyone in this highly anticipated interview.
PleinAir Podcast - Kyle Ma - OutdoorPainter.com

PleinAir Podcast 165: Kyle Ma on Painting Roses, Drawing Shapes, and More

In this episode Eric interviews representational painter Kyle Ma, who shares how he balances college life with plein air painting, and much more.

PleinAir Podcast Episode 58: Mary Deloyht-Arendt—A Foundation of the Plein Air Movement

In this episode of the PleinAir Podcast, Publisher Eric Rhoads has the pleasure of talking with artist Mary Deloyht-Arendt, a founding member of the Plein Air Painters of America (PAPA) organization.  At 90 years old, Deloyht-Arendt has a lifetime of knowledge regarding the plein air movement, helpful techniques, marketing, and so much more.  You can't miss this significant episode! 
Plein Air Podcast Eric Rhoads Mark Shasha

Plein Air Podcast 223: How Mark Shasha Keeps Getting to the Next Level

In this episode of the Plein Air Podcast, Eric Rhoads interviews Mark Shasha, an amazing plein air and studio artist.
PleinAir Podcast guest Mark Boedges - OutdoorPainter.com

PleinAir Podcast 148: Mark Boedges on Painting Greens and More

In this week’s PleinAir Podcast, Eric Rhoads interviews landscape painter Mark Boedges, who explains why he tends to avoid greens even though they show up in his landscape paintings.
Tim Newton, art collector - OutdoorPainter.com

PleinAir Art Podcast Episode 88: Tim Newton

If you’ve ever wanted to understand the mindset of an art collector, you’ll want to listen to this fascinating conversation with the Chairman of the Salmagundi Club.
Art in the Open - Ireland - PleinAir Podcast

PleinAir Podcast 134: Ireland’s Plein Air Event, “Art in the Open”

Eric Rhoads interviews three organizers from Ireland’s prominent plein air event, “Art in the Open,” which starts Saturday, July 27.
PleinAir Podcast - Van Gogh expert Teio Meedendorp

PleinAir Podcast 147: Teio Meedendorp on the True Life of Van Gogh

In this week’s PleinAir Podcast with Eric Rhoads, gain fascinating insights from the world’s leading expert on Vincent Van Gogh.
PleinAir Art Podcast

PleinAir Art Podcast Episode 92: Suzie Baker

What makes a good art workshop student? Find out this and much more in the latest PleinAir Art Podcast with Eric Rhoads.
Plein air watercolor

PleinAir Art Podcast Episode 93: Mario Robinson

Mario Robinson tells us about painting figures en plein air, what it was like to be an artist and serve in the U.S. Army, and more.
PleinAir Podcast - John Stobart - OutdoorPainter.com

PleinAir Podcast 149: Icon John Stobart on Painting, Life as an Artist, and More

Plein air artist and icon John Stobart turns 90 next month. In this week’s PleinAir Podcast with Eric Rhoads, John shares what he has learned from a lifetime of living as an artist. He includes how he overcame the adversity of being told as a young man, "You're never going to put bread on the table with that kind of work.”
PleinAir Podcast Lyn Letsinger-Miller

PleinAir Podcast 162: Art Historian and Brown County Author Lyn Letsinger-Miller

In this episode Eric interviews art historian Lyn Letsinger-Miller, who is the author of “The Artists of Brown County.”
PleinAir Art Podcast with Eric Rhoads and David Leffel

PleinAir Art Podcast Episode 77: David Leffel

Portrait and landscape artist David Leffel, who recently received a Lifetime Achievement Award, discusses his life story, from major surgeries during his childhood, to his path as a professional artist. Bonus: This podcast includes a live audience Q&A.
PleinAir Art Podcast - Keiko Tanabe - OutdoorPainter.com

PleinAir Art Podcast Episode 91: Keiko Tanabe

Eric Rhoads interviews watercolor landscape artist Keiko Tanabe in this new podcast.

PleinAir Podcast: Episode 23 – Carol Swinney and Mastering the Palette Knife

In this episode of the PleinAir Podcast, Publisher Eric Rhoads and palette knife extraordinaire Carol Swinney have a delightful conversation with a range of...

PleinAir Podcast Episode 66: Joe Anna Arnett on Artistic Responsibility and More

In the latest PleinAir Podcast, Eric Rhoads interviews Santa Fe artist Joe Anna Arnett, who shares her two art “soapbox” topics. Visit our site to listen to the podcast today.
PleinAir Podcast: John Singer Sargent Expert Richard Ormond

PleinAir Podcast Episode 65: John Singer Sargent Expert Richard Ormond

This PleinAir Podcast with Eric Rhoads features Richard Ormond, the leading authority on (and a blood relative of) John Singer Sargent.

PleinAir Podcast: Episode 12 – Eric Rhoads Interviews George Strickland

In this week's episode of the PleinAir Podcast, Publisher Eric Rhoads interviews adroit plein air painter George Strickland.  Strickland discusses several of his painting...