Plein Air Convention
From @melanie_levitt on Instagram: "Fantastic week at @pleinairconvention with @pleinairmag in Santa Fe, NM. Saw some great demos and helped beginners outside in the field at different locations. Was so happy to be invited as a staff member. Even got to do some small quick painted studies. Each day was jam packed and so well organized. A big thank you to @ericrhoads, his staff and for all the vendors. Was fun to meet @mhoilpaints. Brought back some great stuff. NEXT YEAR IN DENVER, CO!

May 2023 seems like it’s far in the future, but there is something so important happening in May, you’ll want to start planning right now…The Plein Air Convention & Expo (PACE 23) will be happening in Colorado May 21-25, 2023!

If you’ve been to a previous Plein Air Convention, you know how valuable it is to immerse yourself in your art for four action-packed days. With more than 60 of today’s best painters there to help YOU become a better artist.

By day, you’ll attend sessions with these great artists as they tell and show you what has helped them achieve success in the art world. In the afternoon, these artists will head out to paint with you…Yes, they’ll be outdoors with you as you practice what you’ve just learned.

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