Featured Artwork: Lon Brauer

"Porch Dog" by Lon Brauer

“Porch Dog”

Oil on panel

18 x 14 in.

Plein air

available from artist


About the Artist:

Lon Brauer is an American artist known for his work in figure and plein air landscape.

Born in 1955 and coming of age in the early seventies, he has roots in the abstract expressionist movement. His work is a mix of the abstract with the representational, bringing an impressionistic use of paint and materials to create images that challenge the viewer with new perspectives on the landscape genre.

“I had a long and successful career as a studio photographer before getting back into painting.  That experience–working with photo images–has influenced my approach to painting.  The camera is mechanical but the artist’s mind is fluid. I’m always looking to find new ways to interpret perceptions of the world around us.

Of late I have been revisiting some of my earliest influences–American illustrators of the 60s and 70s such as Bob Heindel, Bernie Fuchs, Mark English, Brad Holland, Marshall Arisman, etc.  These guys were at the top of the game when I was an undergrad at Washington University in St. Louis in the late 1970s. I find that by looking at artwork outside of what is being done in the plein air field today I can explore a new perspective and hopefully create some new excitement in landscape painting. Put the paint on, take it off, and then put it back on. Verisimilitude with subtle distortion. Let the process do some of the work. For me oil painting is so much more than just using a brush. If sandpaper, juicy medium, and unconventional materials can add something new…well, let’s do it!”

Lon shows his work both nationally and in the UK. He presents numerous workshops on paint techniques and alternative methods. His time is balanced between studio in the off-months, and as many plein air events throughout the year as his old Caravan will allow. Home is in Granite City, Illinois, where he owns and operates Lon Brauer Studios.

Contact Lon at [email protected], 314.456.3498, or through his website www.lonbrauer.com.



Oil Painters of America

American Impressionist Society



Missouri Valley Impressionist Society

Outdoor Painters Society


Upcoming Workshops

January 28-29 San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts. San Angelo, Texas

March 11-12 Paint St. Louis. St. Louis, Missouri


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