"Kicking Up Dirt" by Tobi Clement

“Kicking up Dirt”

18 x 22 in.

Pastel on Anthracite Pastelmat


Tobi’s mother always said she needed eyes in the back of her head to keep up with her. She was endlessly curious and fearless. Tobi came into this world with a frenetic energy that was similar to a spinning tornado. Today as an artist, that energy is reflected in her artistic process, as it spins around with an intensity that sends ideas flying off in bits and pieces. She says “there are multiple ideas at once, visual fragments that spin off and become a source of inspiration.” As the creative storm evolves, my ideas become intensified and like the spout of the tornado touching down, there is a focused energy and direction that becomes evident.” This storm-cloud painting, Kicking up Dirt, started a Tobi-tornado. “The fierceness, the colors, the movement, it fired me up, setting me on a path to explore the emotional aspect of color through the ever-changing temperament of skies.”

Tobi will be in the trade show Friday and Saturday mornings during the IAPS convention in Albuquerque, New Mexico, June 6–11, demonstrating sky techniques on anthracite (dark colored) Pastelmat. She adores Pastelmat, a premium pastel paper made by Clairfontaine. It has been her primary paper of choice for last five years. She hopes you will stop by and visit the Armadillo Art & Craft booth numbers 17 and 18.


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