How to paint halos of light - Carl Bretzke,
Carl Bretzke, "Boot Store," 16 x 20 in.

Free mini-lesson on how to paint halos > Check out this tip from Carl Bretzke on how to paint a halo of glow around light at night:


how to paint halos of light - Carl Bretzke, "Moon Over Marine Park"
Carl Bretzke, “Moon Over Marine Park”. Watch the video above for a free mini-lesson on how to paint halos in a night scene.

Carl Bretzke is leading a nocturne paint-out this week at the Plein Air Convention & Expo in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

About the Artist: Carl is a contemporary realist oil painter who is known for his original compositional choices, realistic light effects and diversity in subject matter ranging from plein air landscapes to more complex city scenes often after dark. The Washington Post once described his work as “simultaneously intimate and detached…The artist’s unadorned style recalls Edward Hopper and the Ashcan School.”

Carl holds an MD degree from The University of Minnesota. His undergraduate degree is from the University of Colorado where he also received a minor in Fine Art. Carl has also studied extensively with nationally acclaimed plein air artist, Joe Paquet. Carl currently lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota and has been actively involved in Plein Air competitions throughout the country since 2010.

An extensive list of Carl’s national awards and exhibitions, gallery representation and upcoming events can be found on his website

How a Nightmare Medical Procedure Led to the Discovery of the Six-Step Nocturne Painting System: Join Carl Bretkze — a Radiologist Turned Professional Artist — as He Reveals the 6 Steps to Creating Paintings That Evoke the Feeling of Nighttime Solitude and Tranquility [learn more about how to paint nocturne scenes here]

Discover more articles by and about the artist here at


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