This August: We’re hoping you’ll join us on a trip for plein air painting in New Mexico at the first and only summertime PACE.

Fellow Plein Air Painters:

When I was a kid, my dad would drag us to Travelogue slide shows so we could see the world through the eyes of photographers and movie-makers.

I was so bored.

It seemed like there were hundreds of slides. Too many for my seven-year-old brain.

I promise this will be short. Just a few shots I took of New Mexico when I was out there last fall.

Why am I doing this?

Simple. The Plein Air Convention is going back to Santa Fe THIS SUMMER August 11-15, 2020.

It’s our first and only summertime convention (rescheduled because of Coronavirus). So if you can only escape in summer. You should consider joining us to paint in New Mexico and Santa Fe. Painting locations to be announced at the convention.

See my pictures below… (I shot them all)

Painting in New Mexico - Plein Air Convention Painting in New Mexico - Plein Air Convention Painting in New Mexico - Plein Air Convention

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.Painting in New Mexico - Plein Air Convention Painting in New Mexico - Plein Air Convention

Hope you enjoyed them. Join us for the PleinAir Convention. painting in New Mexico plein air convention PACE 2020

100% Coronavirus Safety and Satisfaction Guarantee

We will reschedule again if it’s not safe or allowed.
We will follow every suggested guideline to make sure the environment is safe.
If we have to reschedule or cancel, we will give you a full refund or apply your ticket price to another event.

Booking Now Assures You a Seat

We sold 600 seats within 24 hours of the announcement. We have dropped the price to the original “best price” of $997 for those who did not pre-book at last year’s convention. But that price will go up soon.

The hotel is already almost sold out. Book your no-risk ticket now. Also take advantage of our 4-month payment plan.

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See our updated PACE faculty here and join our pre-convention workshop with Kevin MacPherson.

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