Plein air landscapes -
Iris Sabre, “Barn and Mustard”

Plein air artist Iris Sabre has a current exhibition of her landscape paintings at Benicia Gallery (California).
From the gallery:

Iris Sabre considers herself a naturalist, inextricably connected with her native California landscape. When painting en plein air she is constantly aware of the advance of time, the changing light, the wind, the moving clouds, the sky. A tranquil hillside, a turbulent sea, working rapidly with bold colors and broad brushstrokes, she captures the moment, to fix it in paint on canvas.

Plein air landscapes -
Iris Sabre, “Mt. Diablo Poppies”

Iris was born and raised in San Francisco in a family of artists. Her mother a painter, muralist, and printmaker, and her father, a sculptor, both worked on the Works Progress Administration (WPA). After receiving degrees in fine art and psychology, and teaching credentials in art and multiple subjects, from SF State University, Sabre married and moved to the East Bay with her family. Teaching art and elementary school for many years, she has continued to paint, devoting herself primarily to painting figures from life, and painting outdoors in her beloved landscape.

Plein air landscapes -
Iris Sabre, “Windows to the Sea”

“Capturing the Moment” is on view through September 4, 2018.
Also at Benicia Gallery: 3rd Annual Paint Out, August 25
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