In this series, plein air painter and instructor Jeanne Mackenzie takes a look at new paintings by contemporary artists and points out why they succeed as painted images. This week, Andrew Borgs “Siggiewi Panorama, Malta.”

This delicate painting is simple in design yet complex in the handling of fore, middle, and background. The aerial perspective is beautifully done, with strong, yet subtle, jumps in values. The transitional values of the sky also help to repeat the illusion of distance. 


  1. A true master, of a kind of “Minimalistic Watercolours”, spelt the English way, a bit like our master of watercolours, Frances Hodgkins 1869-1947 NewZealand, who sometimes used a similar technique.

  2. The next Brabazon is out there now, sitting on a shelf or on a wall at some out of the way salvage store. Where are the collectors with insight and education? Courage?
    Is it time the collector take? Is it death an artist make?


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