Cindy Briggs Quick Sketch Watercolor Journal Demonstration during Costa Brava, Spain workshop October 2022.

How do you describe success?
Cindy Briggs: At a PACE event, I remember Eric Rhoads asking the group, “Do you want to be rich, famous or happy? That really stuck with me. I’ve chosen happiness and I believe it shows in my watercolors.

My favorite paintings are both en plein air and studio paintings when I actually feel a meaningful connection to my subject. Once I’ve decided why I want to paint that subject, I follow through planning my composition, color and value relationships. I celebrate every opportunity I get to paint.

When I talk to my students about painting, I ask “What do you like about your painting?” I encourage positivity and to see each painting as a successful growing experience.

Success is learning to not overthink it. If you let the process flow organically, everything you’ve learned comes through in your own unique style. I’ve discovered watercolors are best when open to spontaneity and experimenting along the way.

Teaching is a family legacy that has been passed along to me. Mentoring and loving my students through the challenges of being an artist. We celebrate every success big and small. To me, true success is passing forward the love of creating art.

To see more of Cindy’s work, visit:

watercolor painting of colorful desert landscape; hints of purple
Cindy Briggs, “Dead Horse Point, Canyonlands, Utah,” watercolor. The Canyons in Utah are incredibly awe inspiring. June 2022
3/4 Watercolor painting of girl portrait
Cindy Briggs, “Dana” Portrait Painting Demonstration for my Mentoring Program, April 2023


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