Artist Profiles

Learn about what projects your fellow plein artists are up to, see online galleries of their landscape paintings, and more in these profiles!

Artist posing with her painting en plein air

Artist Spotlight: Carole Belliveau

How did you develop your unique style and why? Carole Belliveau: I put away my brushes determined to teach myself to use new tools such...
pastel landscapes - 1. "Sunset on the Rim"

9 Pastel Landscapes of the American West

Bethany Field's primary focus is the American West landscape of the Llano Estacado and surrounding areas. She is on the faculty of the upcoming Pastel Live virtual art conference, where she will ...

Fleeting Moments: Plein Air Watercolor

Working quickly and directly, Joseph Zbukvic exploits all the qualities that make plein air painting with watercolor so unique.
Artist Susan Hediger Matteson plein air painting on a farm with sheep in southwest Colorado.

Artist Spotlight: Susan Hediger Matteson

There are two Susan Mattesons working in the fine art field today. This Susan Matteson has since started using Susan Hediger Matteson to clarify that she is not the other artist and shares with us how she got started in her career.

My Favorite Place to Paint: Robert Vogel

Robert Vogel left the Eastern Sierras to live in Los Angeles. But those mountains are still his favorite place to paint. Why?   "You almost can't...
Plein air oil painting - Christine Lashley -

When More is Not More

Combining traditional and water-mixable oils, Lashley uses as little detail as possible — without compromising on her vision for a painting.
Acrylic painting of popsicle stand in a park

Artist Spotlight: Anne Blair Brown

For this artist there is no award, title, or amount of money that can compare to seeing lightbulbs go off in her students’ heads or the feeling of painting something that delights or moves someone.

Spotlight on PACE Faculty: Mark Fehlman on Learning and Camaraderie

California painter Mark Fehlman loves the Plein Air Convention & Expo (PACE) because it offers artists a chance to be with their tribe, and learn from each other. And this year, he doesn’t even have to leave town to attend.
Plein air painting on a beach

A Day in the Life of Mark Shasha

American artist, author, and educator Mark Shasha shows that there's more to being an artist than you might think. 

Spotlight on PACE Faculty: Tom Bluemlein

Tom Bluemlein, one of the instructors at the Plein Air Convention & Expo (PACE), has seen people in painting workshops act terribly nervous. He...
My studio where you can see the plein air version of “Monsoon Monday” to the left next to my larger 30” x 30” studio piece.

Artist Spotlight: Michele Byrne

How do you find inspiration? Michele Byrne: Two years ago I moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico. Here everything inspires me and I feel like...

Spotlight on PACE Faculty: Clive Tyler

"If you just put down a color, it just sits there," says Clive Tyler. What does this New Mexico pastelist and instructor at the...
How to paint landscapes -

Creating Powerful Compositions, and More, with Mark Fehlman

Enjoy an exclusive Q&A with plein air painter Mark Fehlman on his composition checklist, the most important tool artists have, and more.
Female artist in her studio with easel and paintings on the walls

Artist Spotlight: Barbara Coleman

Barbara Coleman traces her fine art career back to a startling moment in Rome when she was ten and shares how she then developed her career.

When Paintings Become Poems

Back in February, PleinAir Today reported on two shows that were joining poetry with plein air painting. The "En Plein Air" show at the...
PleinAir Salon art competitions - TJ Cunningham -

Salon Spotlight: From Nortontown

TJ Cunningham shares his inspiration for painting “From Nortontown,” which was a winner in the bi-monthly PleinAir Salon (August/September 2018), in the Best Building category.