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Learn about what projects your fellow plein artists are up to, see online galleries of their landscape paintings, and more in these profiles!

Male artist painting outdoors near a body of water

Artist Spotlight: Robert Green

Robert Green is a painter of the Alaskan Adventure. The day after he retired, he launched his "retirement career" as an artist.
pastel landscapes - 1. "Sunset on the Rim"

9 Pastel Landscapes of the American West

Bethany Field's primary focus is the American West landscape of the Llano Estacado and surrounding areas. She is on the faculty of the upcoming Pastel Live virtual art conference, where she will ...
Painting en plein air

11 Lessons From a Traveling Painter

Lori Putnam stops for a moment to share what a decade of painting en plein air and away from home 120 days of the year has taught her.
headshot photo of artist

Artist Spotlight: Tanvi Pathare

How did you get started and then develop your career? Tanvi Pathare: I began at a young age, as I was curious to draw nature....

Spotlight on PACE Faculty: Stephanie Birdsall

Stephanie Birdsall, a pastelist who will be offering instruction and a demonstration at the Plein Air Convention & Expo (PACE) in Monterey, California, in...

Artist as Collector: Shelby Keefe, and For the Love of Cars

Wisconsin painter Shelby Keefe chooses paintings for her collection that reflect her goals — and if they feature cars, so much the better.

Featured PACE Instructor: Charles White

Our 7th Annual Plein Air Convention and Expo is just around the corner, and to celebrate, we’ll be highlighting some of our featured instructors and their art over the next several weeks. Recently I asked him to tell us more about a couple of his paintings.
Plein air oil painting - Christine Lashley - OutdoorPainter.com

When More is Not More

Combining traditional and water-mixable oils, Lashley uses as little detail as possible — without compromising on her vision for a painting.
Painter Laurel Daniel in her studio.

Artist Spotlight: Laurel Daniel

While this artist feels that developing a career in art is a very personal and individual journey, she generously offers some recommendations to emerging artists.
Plein air art history

Colorado’s First Female Resident Artist

As a plein air painter, you are part of one of the largest art movements in history. Learn about one of the women who helped start this movement in some way, and be inspired to continue your own journey.

Artist Spotlight: Tina Bohlman

How did you get started and then develop your career? Tina Bohlman: My mom & great grandmother were both gifted artists and luckily some of...
watercolor plein air painting

Wishy-Washy Watercolor? Far From It!

Georgia Mansur reveals how watercolor contributes to her personal aesthetic and enhances her preferred way of working, and why it's the perfect medium for painting en plein air.
Caitlin Leline Hatch, "Morning Chores,” watercolor on paper, 10 x 11 in.

A Rural Heart, in Art and Life

This watercolor artist pushes pause on our distracted, modern lives, and invites us to consider overlooked moments of natural beauty.

My Favorite Place to Paint: Robert Vogel

Robert Vogel left the Eastern Sierras to live in Los Angeles. But those mountains are still his favorite place to paint. Why?   "You almost can't...

Early Influences: Robert Masla

In this occasional series, we talk to plein air artists about a piece of art that inspired them when they were young. Our first...

Spotlight on PACE Faculty: Michelle Jung and the Bicoastal

Oil painter Michelle Jung spends half the year in Santa Cruz, California, and the other half in Wellesley, Massachusetts. The contrast between the two locales has sharpened her skills of observation and has given her important insight that she can share with attendees of the Plein Air Convention & Expo (PACE), where she is on the faculty.
Plein air oil paintings by Huihan Liu - OutdoorPainter.com

Spotlight on Oil Painter Huihan Liu

Represented by Total Arts Gallery, Chinese artist Huihan Liu creates painterly works when plein air is “difficult, if not impossible.”
Christine Lashley, "Charleston Near the Battery," oil, 8 x 16 in.

How Christine Lashley Discovered Her Style

While Christine grew up surrounded by the arts, her journey to becoming an artist wasn’t clear until later on in her life. Be inspired by her landscape paintings, and learn more in this interview.
Artist Michele Byrne painting outdoors in Santa Fe

Artist Spotlight: Michele Byrne

For Michele Byrne, her definition of success has changed over the years. “Today I’m seeking inner satisfaction. If a piece makes my heart sing, I know I’m one step closer to reaching my goals.”
Olena Babak painting on location in Rocky Mountain National Park

Painting On Location: In Service of the Heart

Imbuing her work with the lessons of art history, this Maine oil painter takes advantage of amassed techniques and skills to stay in the moment and express her feelings about a scene.