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Learn about what projects your fellow plein artists are up to, see online galleries of their landscape paintings, and more in these profiles!

Artist as Collector: Thomas Dunlay and Staying on Track

A few pieces in Boston painter Thomas Dunlay’s collection remind him to stay the course.
Plein air watercolor painting

Plein Air Spotlight: Joseph Zbukvic

Please help us welcome watercolor artist Joseph Zbukvic as a newly announced faculty member for PACE. See a gallery of his work in this spotlight.

My Favorite Place to Paint: Christine Labich

There is a field in Massachusetts near where Christine Labich lives that captivates her, and her exceptional pastel pieces from the location verify her...

Artist as Collector: Jill Basham

Maryland painter Jill Basham says she collects work by other artists that she thinks is beautiful. But she also does it to learn.

Find Important Information in the Shadows

“If people start looking for color in the shadow, they will see it,” says Mark Fehlman, one of the featured artists at the Plein Air Convention & Expo. “If they stop and look, compare things, and consider what they want to emphasize most, they will get a lot more out of their observations.” How does Fehlman actually accomplish that?
Painting en plein air - OutdoorPainter.com

Love of Plein Air, and Citroën Cars

Susan Kendall is both an outdoor painter and a car enthusiast. See how her passions crossed paths, resulting in 8 x 20-foot backdrops for a classic car show.

My Favorite Place to Paint: Bill Guffey

Bill Guffey's favorite place to paint is man-made, but it's wild and natural. It's in farm country, but it's public property. It's scenic in...

The Plein Air Study That Launched a Big Winner

One plein air painting inspired several exceptional studio pieces by this California pastelist, the winner of the December-January contest in the PleinAir Salon.

Expressionism in the Tetons

The varied and vivid landscapes of Wyoming inspire oil painter Bill Sawczuk to take a more expressive approach to plein air painting. Read more in this exclusive excerpt from our current issue (on newsstands now).
Painting at Jebel Jais - Matt Ryder - OutdoorPainter.com

Changing Perceptions of the Middle East, One Painting at a Time

British artist Matt Ryder takes us to the extreme terrain and tricky locations where he paints mountains that “sing with cadmium colors.”
A plein air painting by artist Kelly Medford and the scene that inspired it.

My Favorite Place to Paint: Kelly Medford

Kelly Medford lives in a working-class neighborhood in Rome, Italy, that is rapidly changing. That's appropriate for a plein air painter, because so is...

Choosing Colors to Use in Antarctica

Ann Justin decided to celebrate a big birthday by going on a spectacular painting trip to the "bottom" of the globe. What colors would...

Artist as Collector: Poppy Balser and ‘One Thing’

Nova Scotia artist Poppy Balser is partial to watercolor—her chosen medium—but she is also partial to demos she's seen painted in person. There's one other trait that attracts her to a piece she is considering for her collection.
Plein air painting - OutdoorPainter.com

Painting Outdoors Since 1948: A Community Member Spotlight

Recently, one of our dedicated readers reached out to us to say hello and connect, which is part of what the plein air community is all about. Meet John Killmaster, who kindly took the time to answer a few questions about his artistic journey so that you can be inspired in yours.
Joan LaRue - OutdoorPainter.com

My Favorite Place to Paint: Joan LaRue

Joan LaRue loves Venice. But that's not her favorite place to paint. She knows of a place that has many of Venice's charms, but...

What’s Behind You While Painting

Plein air painting isn’t just about the view in front of you. It’s about the entire environment around you. Danny Griego is exploring this through short videos.

See the Relationship Between Colors

Richard F. Lack (1928-2009) taught students not to see a colors in isolation, but rather to see them in relation to those that surround them. What were his teaching methods?
Landscape painter Amery Bohling

Quotable Artist: Amery Bohling

Enjoy an inspirational quote from landscape painter Amery Bohling.

Painting Amidst a Pitched Battle

R. Gregory Summers knew this painting experience was going to be quite different. But suddenly there were people falling down all around his feet,...

Spotlight on PACE Faculty: Thomas Kegler and Art Contagions

Perhaps, on some level, attending the Plein Air Convention & Expo (PACE) is dangerous. You may come home permanently changed.
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