The History of Plein Air Painting Before the 19th century, landscape painting was used as the ...

Nocturnes, Sunsets & Sunrises

An increasing number of nocturnal paintings are being included in plein air competitions, in part because the artists enjoy the challenge of working in...
Having a great time during the 2016 Publisher’s Invitational in the Adirondack Mountains. Left to right: S. Pamela Reese, Nancy Howell, Brady Rhoads, Eric Rhoads, Susan Jositas, Michelle Byrne.

The Movement That Is Changing The Art World

Early on, plein air pioneers in Europe broke new ground, among them great painters like Constable, Corot, and later, Monet and friends. In America, the...

Featured Artwork: Mark Fehlman

Laguna Sunset Glow by Mark Fehlman 18 x 24 in. Oil Available at Huse Skkelly Studio Gallery For me, the Laguna Beach Plein Air Painting Invitational starting in...

EXHIBITION: Ron Donoughe’s Allegheny Mtns Paintings, in PA

Through June 10, the Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art, in Altoona, PA, is hosting "Labor and Landscape: 100 Paintings of the Allegheny Mountain Region by Ron Donoughe.

Eric Rhoads Reviews The Painter’s Watch

Publisher Eric Rhoads wanted to find out if the claims of a watch for painters can hold up. Can a watch tell you how...

Helping Art Survive Hurricane Harvey

PleinAir and Fine Art Connoisseur magazine have set up a temporary website for artists, galleries, museums, and auction houses to register and tell their stories about Hurricane Harvey. In addition, we’re offering them a chance to participate in a free ad spread that we hope will get spaces reopened and collectors buying.

What’s Cooking at PAM?

The next issue of PleinAir magazine is on the way, and here are some highlights to inspire you.
"Dreaming of Wildflowers" in progress

Get Intimate with Shallow Depth Paintings en Plein Air

The relatively shallow space between our eyes and the ground is a haven of interesting textures, colors, and aromas, especially for plein air painters. Bethann Moran-Handzlik explains.

Ever Wish You Could ‘Undo’ Part of a Painting?

Paintings often have two lives for Andrew Theophilopoulos, thanks to his skills as a digital artist and his love of oil painting.

My Favorite Place to Paint: Thomas Caleb Goggans

Thomas Caleb Goggans lives in Chattanooga, Tennessee, a river town in the Southeastern United States with its fair share of beauty, history, and quirkiness....


Trees are an essential element of almost every landscape painting, and they present challenges to plain air painters who determine their shape, scale, coloration,...

OPPORTUNITY: Plan Now for Big Urban Sketcher Event in Chicago

Artists from all over the world will gather in Chicago in July for the 8th International Urban Sketchers Symposium.
How to use watermixable oils

Why Use Watermixable Oils?

If you're curious about how watermixable oils work and why you'd use them to begin with, you don't want to miss this!

Can Watercolors Be Varnished?

It’s a peculiar practice to varnish your plein air watercolors, since most are matted and glassed when framed. However, artist Mike Simpson has some thoughts on the process that might give you cause to pause.

My Favorite Place to Paint: John Kilroy

John Kilroy grew up in the Boston area, and he’s familiar with its beauty. And there’s one spot that keeps pulling him in. Lead Image:...

The 10 Best Plein Air Sites

I was asked by the travel editor of a national publication to identify the top 10 painting locations favored by plein air artists. I immediately asked my friends on Facebook what their choices would include, and I received hundreds of recommendations.

Artists and Conservancy: The 10 Habitats of St. Vincent Island, FL

In this series, artist Lori Putnam speaks on the role artists can play in the conservation and preservation of land, cultures, and buildings. In this installment, Putnam explores painting on the conserved land on St. Vincent Island, in Florida.

The Winning Painting That Almost Didn’t Make It

2017 PleinAir Salon Grand Prize Winner Kathleen Hudson retells the remarkable story of how her winning painting was created in this exclusive video interview. The most shocking part? It almost never happened. How?

Strength (and Fun) in Numbers

In Port Clyde, Maine, an artist has put together a yearly summer getaway for painting friends that seems to be reaching critical mass. How...
  1. Plein Air Podcast 224: Russian Landscape Painter Zufar Bikbov