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The fourth annual Plein Air Live kicked off this week with our “Essential Techniques Day” on Wednesday, March 8. An annual favorite even for return painters, we spent the entire day learning new things, making new friends, and really gearing up for the remainder of the event (more on that later!).

We want to thank the sponsors that we heard from today, including Blick Art Materials featuring Susan Kuznitsky and Troy Kilgore; Famous Artists School; Sennelier featuring Paul Kratter; Laguna Plein Air Painters Association; Cheap Joe’s Art Stuff; with special sessions (and offers), they truly are an important part of Plein Air Live.

Hosted by Eric Rhoads and Kelly Kane, here’s a glimpse at what you might have missed (sign up right now at PleinAirLive.com to join us for the rest of the week, now through Saturday!).

Highlights from Plein Air Live: Essential Techniques Day

In the first demonstration of the week, Paul Kratter led us through a session that focused on the importance of the plein air sketch using a simple ballpoint pen and sketchbook before picking up the paintbrush.

From Paul Kratter's Plein Air Live demo
From Paul Kratter’s demo

“What an excellent demo to start off the Plein Air Live. Thank you so much, Paul and the team! xxx!” ~ Elizabeth S.

Next, nestled into a “cranny” of a natural scene that’s otherwise surrounded by businesses, Geoff Allen saw the potential for a great landscape painting with water (and its reflections), a distant mountain, and the open sky.

“Water is our invisible brush,” he said. “You have to know what’s going on in the paper and the brush.” In his demo, he explained how to do this.

“Hey oil painters, pay attention,” Eric added in the chat. “I’m finding watercolor very helpful in quick studies when I’m on the road and can’t take oils. It’s a great option.”

From Geoff Allen's watercolor demo - Plein Air Live
From Geoff Allen’s watercolor demo; LPAPA’s Rosemary Swimm said in the chat, “LPAPA is proud of their latest 1st Place winner in our 19th Annual Best of Plein Air Show – Geoff Allen!”

Using a plein air setup on a photography tripod, Clare Bowen gave an oil demonstration while painting a quaint boat named “NikNak” on a harbour in England. She chose the boat for this Beginner’s demo because she said it’s easier to start plein air painting if you focus on a simple subject.

From Clare Bowen's Plein Air Live demo
From Clare Bowen’s demo
Just a glimpse from the very active chat that we having going throughout Plein Air Live
Just a glimpse from the very active chat that we having going throughout Plein Air Live

In two exclusive “Every Plein Air Question Answered” sessions, Eric Rhoads addressed common topics for those new to painting outdoors, including what type of carrier to use (hint: consider the weight!); how to deal with things like wind and flying sand; and more.

Eric Rhoads with "Every Plein Air Question Answered"
Eric Rhoads with “Every Plein Air Question Answered”

An area that’s overlooking a lighthouse north of Dublin, Ireland is one of Steve Browning’s favorite places for plein air painting. He joined us from there to walk us through his setup for painting on location, as well as his acrylic landscape demo.

From Steve Browning's demo - Plein Air Live
From Steve Browning’s demo

Judd Mercer joined us from Colorado to paint a “classic” snowy, sunny scene in gouache. “With gouache, it’s usually going to take a few layers to get coverage,” he explained as he began a small plein air painting.

From Judd Mercer's Plein Air Live demo
From Judd Mercer’s demo

Aline Ordman brought over 40 years of teaching experience with her for a plein air demonstration in pastel. She painted a tonal impressionist landscape dusted with snow.

From Aline Ordman's demo - Plein Air Live
From Aline Ordman’s demo

Before going into his painting demonstration, Rich Gallego took us through his plein air setup, including his preferred easel, the wet panel carrier he uses, and his palette, which he used vertically for this demo on capturing an interesting landscape scene.

From Rich Gallego's Plein Air Live demo
From Rich Gallego’s Plein Air Live demo

We ended the night with another favorite – the Paint Along Cocktail Hour, hosted by Eric. Always entertaining and inspiring, we’ll look forward to more this week. You can still join us and even catch the replays for sessions you missed! Visit PleinAirLive.com now.

And, come paint and learn with us all IN PERSON, including Rich, Paul, Judd, Eric, Kelly, myself, and so many of today’s best plein air painters at the Plein Air Convention and Expo in beautiful Denver, Colorado, May 21-25, 2023. We have some exciting things in store, so don’t miss it!

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