Iain Stewart - (Staying Loose While) Working From Photos: Landscape Painting
A moment from Iain Stewart's "(Staying Loose While) Working From Photos: Landscape Painting" demo

Quick tip for artists > “When you are viewing actual painting demos remember to watch what is happening in the palette as much as what’s happening on paper. Look for the thickness of paint as well as the colors used.” ~ Iain Stewart, Watercolor Live

In Iain’s previous Watercolor Live session titled “(Staying Loose While) Working From Photos,” he explained how to simplify your photo reference, the importance of establishing the eye level and looking for big shapes, how he uses “the keyhole” to unlock the best composition for a busy city scene, and much more.

If you missed that one, don’t worry – he’s joining us again in January 2023, along with Stan Miller • Olga Litvinenko • Yong Hong Zhong • Richard Russell Sneary • Jansen Chow • Shelley Prior • Mark Mehaffey and many, many more to be announced.

online watercolor workshops - Watercolor Live

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