Tips for Artists

From color to composition, to dealing with the elements, learn from the community of plein air painters with these tips for painting outdoors!

Painting on Location Without Chemicals

Pennsylvania artist Beth Bathe uses water-mixable oils, which have some of the characteristics of oils, acrylics, and watercolors. See why you may want to use these paints and avoid oil solvents.
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5 Ways to Get Your Art Published

Follow these tips from Plein Air magazine Editor-in-Chief Kelly Kane to discover five ways to increase your network.
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Make the Most of Your Next Art Workshop

Take in this expert advice from six highly respected painting instructors to improve your experience — and art — the next time you sign up for a workshop.
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10 Drawing Principles That’ll Improve Your Paintings

Improve your drawing skills to achieve accurate placement and proportions in your paintings. The good news is that you don’t have to stop painting in order to improve your drawing; it’s not an either–or situation. Read on to shine a light on this challenge!
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Is There a “Plein Air Season”? Advice for Painting in Cold, Wind, and Rain

If you haven’t ventured out in bad weather, try it! See why it’s not as daunting as it may appear, and get tips for your next excursion.
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Embracing the Snowman Within: Painting Snow

As we enter the winter season, much of plein air painting will cease, but if you’re one of those purists who must stand in the snow to paint, these artists offer helpful advice.
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How to Enter Your First Plein Air Event and Survive!

Applying to and participating in your first juried plein air event can be an overwhelming experience, but the rewards both professionally and personally are undeniable.
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What’s an Artist to Do With ALL That Green?

For artists, the color green can be very daunting and, often, the way an artist handles this tricky color can denote rather quickly where they might be in their skill level as a painter. Here are some tips to help you handle the greens in your next painting.
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Overcoming the Difficulties of Painting en Plein Air

Six outstanding plein air painters share useful tips that helped them push through those early struggles. Learn how they assimilate landscape overload and use all the material gathered on-site when creating larger studio works.

12 Ways Artists Can Reduce Frustration While Painting

The art of painting is a head game. It requires a distraction-free environment that allows you to get into the painting zone and lets things go smoothly.
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5 Ways to Get Your Art Published

If you want to get your art published and seen around the world, do any (or all) of these suggestions from your team at PleinAir Magazine!
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How Plein Air Groups Get Museum Shows

An exhibition at a regional museum is a marketing coup — but how does it happen?
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A Great Painting Always Comes Down to This

Quite frankly, these elements are the glue that holds every good painting together and, conversely, is the reason some paintings fall apart!
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Use Pastels to Define and Suggest Responses to Nature

New Mexico artist Albert Handell uses pastels to respond both to the specifics of what he observes and to his emotional response: “I will eventually frame the painting, not the location I observe, so the image has to be more than an exact replica of the landscape.”
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More Than An Accessory

Here at PleinAir Magazine, we recently received a letter to the editor from reader Carolyn Counnas on protecting your eyes while painting en plein air. See what her tip is to keep your vision safe.
Painting skies - Tomas Honz -

Accepting the Challenge of Painting Skies

Tomas Honz has an impressive body of work focusing on various sky conditions. It was not done without a fair amount of adversity.
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Painting Landscapes: Aspen Trees

Today’s spotlight on artists painting landscapes is Bob Rohm, who offers a video workshop on painting landscapes - specifically trees - trees in oil.
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How to Avoid Greens in Summer

Actually, Lynn M. Rix tried to avoid greens by painting from a boat ... and she ended up with a lot of green. How so?
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Working Out the Kinks of Water-Mixable Oils

Christine Lashley gets a wide variety of responses — everything from rude negativity to nods from those in the know — when people discover that she paints with both traditional and water-mixable oils. Here are the benefits and the drawbacks as she has experienced them.
Advice for artists - Lori McNee,

The Importance of Value in Painting

Believe it or not, value is actually more important than even this element to the design and success of a painting.
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