Tips for Artists

From color to composition, to dealing with the elements, learn from the community of plein air painters with these tips for painting outdoors!

How to paint with a palette knife

How to Paint with a Palette Knife – Watch Free

Join art publisher Eric Rhoads on this episode of Art School Live, featuring American artist Ken Wilson!
Color mixing for landscape painting

Color Mixing for Artists: How to Mix the Perfect Color

Join art publisher Eric Rhoads on this episode of Art School Live, featuring today's guest Bill Davidson on color mixing and color values!
Plein air painting tips

5 Tips From a Plein Air Painting Pro

No-fear plein air painting requires a little planning, a healthy dose of respect for nature and a keen sense of humor. With these simple tips, you’ll be able to hit the ground running and make the most of your experience.
Painting Waves - Eric Rhoads - Lana Ballot

Watch: Free Demo on Painting Waves

Watch this episode of Art School Live with Eric Rhoads, in which Lana Ballot gives a step-by-step painting demonstration on how to paint translucent waves that WOW!

Become a Better Landscape Painter

Probably the same thing that challenged my progress as an aspiring artist many years ago, and the same thing that holds a lot of art students back: preconceived notions about the painting process. That was the short answer. Now for the long answer. I am going to attempt to tackle that question in a circuitous route, but one that hopefully will connect with the reader.
A scene from Tony Allain's pastel painting demo at Art School Live

Watch: Pastel Landscape Demo with Tony Allain

Coming to us from Scotland, Tony Allain shares a pastel painting demonstration during Art School Live with Eric Rhoads.
Marla Baggetta's pastels for painting

Watch: How to Organize Your Pastels

In this live interview with Eric Rhoads, Marla Baggetta takes us through a pastel painting demonstration you don't want to miss!
Acrylic color temperature demo

What Is Color Temperature?

Learn how warming up or cooling down areas of your painting can provide unity and balance in your work. Bonus: Includes a step-by-step demo!
analogous colors painting demonstration

How to Use Analogous Colors

In this video interview with Eric Rhoads, watch as Jane McGraw-Teubner demonstrates a pastel landscape painting using analogous colors.
Painting of the moon

Acrylics and the Allergic Artist

"It has been an exhausting and convoluted journey finding art materials that I am not allergic to."
Watercolor painting demo

Could This Watercolor Method Be Right For You?

In this interview with Eric Rhoads, Tim Oliver shares a practice that keeps him passionate about painting. Could it work for you?
painting landscapes - photo reference

Painting Landscapes: Designing a Field Study on Location

When it comes to designing landscape paintings, artists usually have their own approach to making their paintings work, but there are certain common threads worth noting.
Watercolor painting of a church

Watercolor: Letting Loose With a Little Planning

Starting with a solid framework in pencil gives this Texas artist the freedom to face outdoor scenes more spontaneously in watercolor.
Color blocking in art demonstration

What Is Color Blocking in Art?

In this interview with Eric Rhoads, colorist Camille Przewodek explains why she stresses the importance of color blocking for artists, which she compares to practicing scales for musicians.
Casein painting by Stephen Quiller

What is Casein Paint?

Stephen Quiller is a legendary artist known for teaching color and color theory. In this interview, he discusses painting with casein and more with Eric Rhoads.
acrylic painting en plein air

Advantages of Acrylic and Plein Air

The qualities of acrylic don't have to be a disadvantage en plein air. How?
How to paint with pastels

Shapes Before Subject

What makes a painting successful at the finish might just be what you do at the start. Check out these underpaintings and advice from Barbara Jaenicke, who is on the Pastel Live faculty!

Diving Into Plein Air

It’s hard for a lot of artists to “take the plunge” into full-time painting, let along taking up art in the first place. However, this story is about as extreme — and entertaining — as it gets.

How to Build an Easel, (Reasonably) Easily and Affordably

David and Mindy Jamieson wanted their own easels, so they built their own. How’d it go?
One of Terry Stanley’s Photoshop critiques

Are You Good at Giving Critiques?

Terry Stanley, an artist and art industry veteran who launched the Jack Richeson School of Art and marketed its art materials before retiring, offers what she has learned about the art of the critique in this special feature.
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