Tips for Artists

From color to composition, to dealing with the elements, learn from the community of plein air painters with these tips for painting outdoors!

Jane Hunt painting en plein air

Surprising Things 7 Pro Painters Do

Over the years, we have shared plenty of traditional tips for painting outdoors, such as how to develop the right composition when there’s a...
How to paint like Monet - “Flowers at Sunset” by Camille Przewodek

How to Paint Like Monet: Understanding Light Keys

Immediate spoiler: There isn’t a formula for learning how to paint like Monet. But as Camille Przewodek explains, it’s a way of thinking ...
How to ship paintings

How Do the Pros Ship Paintings?

There comes a time in an artist’s career when she or he needs to ship paintings across the country for an exhibition. What is the best way to do this?
how to paint with pastels

Secrets of Painting a Nighttime Look

An award-winning artist, Nancie King Mertz has spent her lifetime painting in oil and pastel. Now, join Eric Rhoads with Nancie on this episode of Art School Live!
Plein air watercolor how-to

Not Idle in Winter: Stewart White and Plein Air Watercolor

On plein air watercolor > Baltimore painter and PleinAir Salon Grand Prize winner Stewart White tells us what he does in the winter to keep...
Painting palm trees - Jeff Markowsky at

Plein Air Artist Jeff Markowsky on Painting Palm Trees

With summer now around the bend, perhaps you’ll have the pleasure of painting palms in your future, and this advice will help you do so.
Plein air landscape by Ken Auster

No Jumping!

In this painting tip of the day, learn why you shouldn't "jump around," for yourself and those viewing your painting.
A scene from Brenda Boylan's upcoming video workshop on how to paint with pastels

3 Ways to Paint with Pastels Safely

Don't let your fear of pastel dust stop you from using this colorful and versatile medium. Brenda Boylan shares three tips for painting with pastels - safely.

You Have Your Color Study … Now What?

In this episode of Art School Live with Eric Rhoads, Gavin Glakas shares a demo on how to detail a plein air color study. Don't miss it!
Kathleen Hudson gives a demon on how to paint moving water

In Deep Water

Don't find yourself in deep water when it comes to painting elements like rivers and streams. In this Art School Live with Eric Rhoads, Kathleen Hudson takes us through a demo on how to paint moving water.
Eric Rhoads with Michael Holter

Bring on the Backlight

In this episode of Art School Live, Eric Rhoads welcomes Michael Holter to the show! Michael is on the faculty of the 2nd Annual Watercolor Live virtual art conference; in this interview he demos a stunning backlit landscape.
How to paint landscapes - Artist Jim Wodark

How to Paint Landscapes: Design Makes All the Difference

How artist Jim Wodark redesigns the landscape to create stunning compositions.
How to paint waterfalls - "Tanyard Creek Waterfall" by Howard Friedland

Actually, Do Go Chasing Waterfalls

As artists, our goal is to capture the essence, the glistening light and animated nature of falling water.
How to fix a painting

Quick Art Lesson: How to Fix Your Painting

In this 3-minute video, watch as Cindy Baron shows you how to turn a "dud" into a salvageable painting.
Plein Air Today newsletter

How to Get Published in Plein Air Today

We love to feature readers such as yourself in Plein Air Today. Here's how to be a part of an upcoming newsletter!
How to paint skies in oil

11 Peaceful Paintings of Skies

Learning how to paint clouds and skies doesn't have to be difficult. Simply start by studying the works of accomplished painters, right here. You'll love what these top artists have to share...
Learn how to master light in this free lesson from Art School Live, featuring Richie Vios.

Creating the Perfect Watercolor Blend – Watch Free

In this demo, Richie Vios shares the essential but underrated skills of creating the perfect consistency of water and pigments. If you love watercolor or want to learn about it, watch this free lesson!

Why “Student” is Not a Dirty Word

John Hughes shares why he hopes he never loses his enthusiasm for learning more about making art, because “that would surely spell disaster.”
how to paint with watercolor - Tom Lynch

Free Art Lesson: A Plein Air Technique for the Studio

Watch as Tom Lynch shares a plein air technique that he now applies in the studio, as well as the exact paints and brushes he uses and why, how to refresh your colors, and much more.
Cartoon illustration of a landscape

Avoiding That ‘Cartoon Look’ in Your Paintings

"Today’s article deals with a very annoying problem that crops up from time to time in some of my students’ paintings. Annoying to them, but the good news is that..."
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