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Learn about what projects your fellow plein artists are up to, see online galleries of their landscape paintings, and more in these profiles!

Spotlight on PACE Faculty: Tom Bluemlein

Tom Bluemlein, one of the instructors at the Plein Air Convention & Expo (PACE), has seen people in painting workshops act terribly nervous. He...

Drawing on Oil Paint

Sarah Baptist is digging deep, down through her layers of oil paint, down through the lessons she has learned from Diebenkorn's work. The result? ...

Meet Mike Barr, the PleinAir Salon’s February/March Winner

Australian painter Mike Barr feels drawn to rainy streets and empty beaches -- two subjects that lend themselves well to a narrow range of...

My Favorite Place to Paint: Vanessa and Andre Stashinski

A few weeks back, PleinAir Today reported on a porcine visitor Vanessa and Andre Stashinski encountered when painting in Tel Hadid, Israel. Despite such...

When Paintings Become Poems

Back in February, PleinAir Today reported on two shows that were joining poetry with plein air painting. The "En Plein Air" show at the...

“Blowing Out the Edges”

Utah artist Michelle Condrat suggests motion in her paintings through an unusual method.  "Bareback," by Michelle Condrat, oil, 12 x...

My Favorite Place to Paint: Francesco Fontana

Francesco Fontana's favorite spot is one created by a famous Impressionist painter, one of the greats who helped launch the current plein air movement....

Visiting All National Parks, “To Preserve and Protect”

Fitz Maurice made it personal. Many people love our national parks, but she is visiting all 59, because she wants to make sure she...

My Favorite Place to Paint: Kami Mendlik

Kami Mendlik appreciates travel. She loves to paint beautiful places. But one part of the country has a subtle beauty that can make her...

Painting the Hudson From a 155-Foot Bridge

  Robert Eckes planned on painting the view from the 1,300-foot Bear Mountain, but the wind blew over his easel, and he packed up to...

Freeing a River, Painting the Progress

Paola Fiorelle Berthoin feels strongly about removing obsolete dams to help a river become free-flowing and healthy, and she's found a way to help...

Early Influences: Robert Masla

In this occasional series, we talk to plein air artists about a piece of art that inspired them when they were young. Our first...

Using Architectural Elements for Contrast

San Diego artist Danny Griego finds that incorporating “urban line” in his paintings makes them much stronger — and mimics the way many of...
“Side Step,” by David Boyd, Jr., 2015, oil on linen, 12 x 24 in.

Seeing the Unconventional, on Location

It took an unconventional painting done from a photograph taken at an extreme vantage point to set David Boyd, Jr. on his current path as a plein air painter.
Brian Stewart landscape painting

There From the Beginning: Brian Stewart and Plein Air

Brian Stewart was one of the participants in the early Catalina Island wet-paint shows that played a huge role in launching the contemporary plein air movement.

Spotlight on PACE Faculty: Joe Gyurcsak and the Joy of Mud

Joe Gyurcsak is not afraid of color, as his paintings show. But his favorite quote is from Edgar Degas, who said that galleries wanted colorful paintings, “but if I could have had my own way, I would have confined myself to black and white.” The Plein Air Convention & Expo (PACE) instructor explains.

Artist as Collector: Barry Koplowitz

Pennsylvania artist Barry Koplowitz collects art, but not many paintings. What moves him to pick the few he has?
PleinAir Salon winning artist - Eric Bowman -

Derived From Life: The Paintings of PleinAir Salon Winner Eric Bowman

Even if an Eric Bowman piece is done in the studio, it is utterly informed by his work outdoors.

Anatomy of an Award Winner: Jason Sacran and an EnPleinAirTEXAS Time Crunch

For Jason Sacran, there’s nothing like a deadline … and some serendipity.

Spotlight on PACE Faculty: Ray Hassard and Painting Near and Far

Ray Hassard, a featured instructor at the upcoming Plein Air Convention & Expo (PACE) slated for April 24-28 in San Diego, has traveled widely ... and painted locally. One of his guiding lights is a provocative quote from John Constable.
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