Artist Profiles

Learn about what projects your fellow plein artists are up to, see online galleries of their landscape paintings, and more in these profiles!

Blackwood Paints Rhoads

Susan Blackwood, an instructor at the Plein Air Convention & Expo (PACE) and the subject of an upcoming feature story in PleinAir magazine, will...
Plein air art history - Albert Edelfelt

Finding Plein Air Inspiration in Finland, 1800s

A look at our plein air heritage as we feature a Finnish artist who was originally best-known for his portraits of royalty.

Spotlight on PACE Faculty: Ray Hassard and Painting Near and Far

Ray Hassard, a featured instructor at the upcoming Plein Air Convention & Expo (PACE) slated for April 24-28 in San Diego, has traveled widely ... and painted locally. One of his guiding lights is a provocative quote from John Constable.
John Constable, "Cloud Study: Stormy Sunset," 1821-1822, oil on paper, mounted on canvas, 8 x 10 3/4 in., National Gallery of Art, Washington, Gift of Louise Mellon in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Mellon, plein air

John Constable: A Student of the Sky

Plein Air Heritage: John Constable felt that a thorough understanding of the formation of clouds, their influence on the quality of light...
Landscape oil painting techniques

Artist Spotlight: Landscape Oil Painting with Karl Dempwolf

Today we welcome artist Karl Dempwolf as our guest with an exclusive Q&A about painting en plein air, his color palette, and his advice for those new to painting with oil.

Visiting All National Parks, “To Preserve and Protect”

Fitz Maurice made it personal. Many people love our national parks, but she is visiting all 59, because she wants to make sure she...

Spotlight on PACE Faculty: Eric Wiegardt

Washington State watercolorist Eric Wiegardt is process-oriented, but he loves the product, too. The artist, who is on the faculty at the Plein Air...
Plein air painting - Tom Colcord

How Hip Hop Inspires My Plein Air Painting

San Francisco-based plein air painter Tom Colcord approaches his work with a unique mindset. When asked what he means by “the flow,” he references ...
Kathleen posing with her paintings in her studio

Artist Spotlight: Kathleen Kalinowski

How do I find inspiration? Kathleen Kalinowski: As a contemporary impressionist painter, the inspiration and concepts which inform my work stem from memory and 30...
Painting outdoors in Virginia

My Favorite Place to Paint: Julia Lesnichy

When you come from a relatively flat part of Russia, thrilling mountain vistas are both a joy and a challenge. Just ask Julia Lesnichy.
Plein Air American Artist - Art history -

Plein Air Heritage: American Artist Henry Ward Ranger

The American artist Henry Ward Ranger (1858-1916) studied in Europe, and when he returned to ...
Farley Lewis, “Shrimp Trawler,” 2022, acrylic, 18 x 24 in., Available from artist, Studio

Risk Leads to Discovery

This Missouri acrylic painter strives to depict beauty with a mix of simplicity and just enough detail.

My Favorite Place to Paint: Ria Krishnan

Lily pads, wooded trails, and, most important, trees are all at Ria Krishnan's favorite place to paint, just 10 miles from her home.  ...
Thomas Kegler, artist -

Quotable Artist: Thomas Kegler

Enjoy an inspirational quote from landscape painter Thomas Kegler.
Painting plein air - Susan Nicholas Gephart - On the Hillside

Featured Plein Air Ambassador: Susan Nicholas Gephart

Plein Air Ambassadors get their paintings featured here! Help us welcome artist Susan Nicholas Gephart to the Ambassador team.
Barbara Tapp, "Pink House Stands Alone," 2019, watercolor, 10 x 14 in., Available from artist, Plein air

A Plein Air Portrait of Resilience in Watercolor

Once part of Berkeley’s proud Orchid Nurseries, the Pink House stands isolated but dignified, surrounded by empty lots...

Karen Doyle Nurtures Two Careers

Professional artist and software engineering manager at the Nike World Headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon: Over the past several years, Karen Doyle has worked to juggle these two seemingly opposed career paths, spending her vacation time at plein air painting events or workshops, and painting several evenings a week from life in her home studio. Recently, however, she had the opportunity to completely mix and mash the two when she helped to bring plein air painting and an art exhibit to life at Nike, Inc.
Plein air landscapes -

Interview with Russan Artist Vitaly Makarov

Today we spotlight Russian artist Vitaly Makarov and his brilliantly colored plein air landscapes. In this Q&A, he tells us about his artistic development, use of color, and more.

Artist Spotlight: Anne Blair Brown

What inspires you? Anne Blair Brown: I find inspiration everywhere. I do not necessarily paint “things”, but rather I focus on light, atmosphere, and color....

Ken Karlic’s Sophisticated Chaos

Prolific artist Ken Karlic teamed up with Daniel Smith Watercolors to offer a comprehensive look into his creative process, a process he then applies to other media.