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My Favorite Place to Paint: Grand Color, Grand Canal

It’s not surprising that Venice, Italy, is renowned for much more than its unique geographic location, food, and iconic gondolas. Indeed, for centuries scholars, aristocrats, royalty, and — of course — artists have all become enamored with the jewel-like colors that dance off the city’s canals and pastel-colored buildings.

Decked! With Donald

Well-known painter Donald Neff recently found himself aboard an Alaskan cruise ship for the fourth time, with a slightly different set of priorities than touring and sightseeing: painting en plein air. His results?

65 Years of Painting

As part of its Artist Lecture Series, the Seven Bridges Foundation in Greenwich, Connecticut, will soon be hosting one of America’s leading figure, portrait, and still life painters and one of the world’s most renowned pastelists. He has perfected his craft for over 65 years, and you don’t want to miss hearing him detail his artistic odyssey.

Featured Artwork

Results from Jefferson

A juried group of around 30 artists set out to capture historic buildings, churches, and the Rock and Crawfish rivers in Jefferson, Wisconsin, in June for a friendly plein air competition. Who did judges William A. Suys, Jr., Paula Swaydan-Gredel, and Terrence Coffman favor?

Burgeoning Lakeside

Details are only just beginning to emerge from Lakeside, Ohio, surrounding a tantalizing Invitational Plein Air Festival on the shores of Lake Erie in August 2018. What do we know now? Find out here.

Artists Win Big in Maryland

Artists of the 9th Annual Mountain Maryland Plein Air event weren’t the only ones winning big between June 19 and 25 as this year witnessed great weather and more than $11,000 in prizes. Who were the artists basking in glory?
The Boscobel House and Gardens in Garrison, New York, are excited to offer the public an educational panel discussion with artists, designers, and collectors about the aesthetic appeal and artistic value of objects that are broken, scratched, lopsided, or otherwise askew. Who’s on the panel and when does it take place?

Santillanes Splendor

Oh-Be-Joyful Gallery in Crested Butte, Colorado, is excited to open a brief but significant exhibition of recent works by acclaimed painter Dave Santillanes. He is a master of capturing the essence and a landscape with brilliant luminance — you don’t want to miss it! The dates?

How Does $20,000 Sound? Better Act Fast.

Plein air painters from the emerging to professionals have a chance to win $20,000 via the NSW Parliament Plein Air Painting Prize in Australia. Think it’s only open to artists from “down under”? Think again. The electronic deadline approaches.

PleinAir Podcast: Episode 50 – Kim Casebeer and Navigating the World of Pastel

In this episode of the PleinAir Podcast, Publisher Eric Rhoads dives into all things pastel with accomplished artist Kim Casebeer. Among the topics considered include how to market pastel paintings to collectors and galleries, technical approaches to pastel and how it differs from oil painting, and mastering critical concepts such as composition, shape, light and value, and color mixing. You can't listen to this episode without learning something new and important!


Brushwork is the last of the five tools in the “Painters Toolbox of Expression,” and this tool deals with texture. Because textural technique is very personal to the individual artist, no one approach is considered to be correct. Like edges, special brushwork is not even necessary, but more an enhancement to a well-designed painting. It’s generally true that brushwork is rarely spoken of by art teachers, and therefore seldom taught, especially on the university level.

OPPORTUNITY: Plantation Trace Plein Air in October

Georgia during the fall season sounds like a wonderful place to be, especially when there’s a fantastic plein air opportunity waiting in the wings. What’s the buzz?

EXHIBITION: Summer Salon

Collins Galleries in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, will soon be opening its annual summer salon with an outstanding display of still life, landscape, portraiture, and more from many of the biggest names in the art world today. Find out who and when here!

Packing with Pastels

Our hard-working sales superstar Tracey Norvell recently posed this question to prolific artist Jude Tolar: “Do you know of a great, light pochade box for pastel painters?” Tolar’s response was worth quoting in full.
It’s hard for a lot of artists to “take the plunge” into full-time painting, let along taking up art in the first place. However, the story of Emilie Lee is about as extreme — and entertaining — as it gets. Take a look!

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