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PleinAir Podcast: Stefan Baumann’s Inspirational Plein Air Experience

In this Episode of the PleinAir Podcast, Publisher Eric Rhoads interview's nationally recognized and PACE instructor Stefan Baumann. From an early age, Baumann has been on an incredible artistic journey that has inspired painters for decades. How will your plein air experience change after hearing this?

My Favorite Place to Paint: Michelle Condrat in Zion

Utah painter Michelle Condrat says her favorite place to paint can be described as the opposite of the Grand Canyon. Why?

CA Conservation Group Circles Back With Fundraiser

The Oak Group is one of the oldest conservation group featuring artists, and this year, it’s participating in a fundraiser that seeks to add $8 million worth of land to an existing parcel of conserved land along the Santa Barbara coast.

Featured Artwork

Finding History on the Outskirts of Pittsburgh

Oil painter William Pfahl set his sights on a historic town of 3,000 for a series of cityscapes. His pieces examine the nature of light, the charm of older buildings, and the pull of history.

Why This Works: Figures as Supporting Players

In this series, plein air painter and instructor Jeanne Mackenzie takes a look at new paintings by contemporary artists and points out why they succeed as painted images. This week, “Horizon,” by Paul George.

Spotlight on PACE Faculty: W. Truman Hosner and a Serious Plein Air Challenge

Plein air painting can be a challenge, but even changing light and other environmental conditions aren’t enough for some folks. Like W. Truman Hosner, a member of the Plein Air Convention & Expo (PACE) faculty, who ups the ante considerably with his subject matter.
Distinctive painter Charlie Hunter has a show at North Star Gallery, in Grafton, Vermont, February 17-19.

OPPORTUNITY: Plein Air Curaçao

Tired of winter? Paint on a Dutch island off the coast of Venezuela, next month.

Parting Shot: Absurdly Portable

Artists are sharing this Etsy product (already sold) that shows how far one can go to make painting materials compact and portable.

PleinAir Podcast: Episode 36 – Carol Marine and Teaching Art Correctly

In this compelling episode, Publisher Eric Rhoads interviews accomplished artist and Austin, Texas, native Carol Marine. Our listeners will be fascinated with Marine's artistic journey, which involved a heroic recovery from the Bastrop fires, a growing family, and finding the right priorities when teaching art. Your approach might change after hearing this!
Jean Stern judged the December-January contest in the PleinAir Salon, setting up a slew of artists to win thousands of dollars in prizes. Who's in?

My Favorite Place to Paint: Rita Pacheco and the Land of 1,000 Paintings

People sometimes tell Rita Pacheco that they will be visiting the Carlsbad, California, area, and ask her where she recommends they go paint. Without hesitation, she directs them to this place.

Do You Know Anyone Featured in the Next PleinAir Issue?

The April-May issue of PleinAir magazine features some intriguing artists with useful advice and thoughts on painting, and below we spill the beans on some of highlighted painters.

Paint a Sky Painting, See It Here!

Look up! PleinAir Today will publish the most interesting paintings of skies and clouds that we receive by February 20.
We all have our plein air painting war stories. California artist Robin Purcell seems to have more than her fair share. One of the more interesting ones involved a helicopter.

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