HipCamping in South Dakota, through the app HipCamp

Plein Air Painting On the Road with a VW Vanagon, My Wife, and My...

In the summer of 2021, we took to the road for a month and a half, leaving New Haven, CT, to make our way to the Pacific Northwest.

Finding the Perfect View in Big Sur

- Bob Bahr reporting, Editor PleinAir Today - Laurel Sherrie saw a great view in a newspaper — an eminently paintable view — and she...

Plein Air Adventures: Make Way for the Helicopter!

We all have our plein air painting war stories. California artist Robin Purcell seems to have more than her fair share. One of the more interesting ones involved a helicopter.
Plein Air Painters of Alaska - OutdoorPainter.com

Plein Air Painting in the Land of the Midnight Sun

The Plein Air Painters of Alaska, bound together by their hardy Alaskan “can do” attitude, have battled grizzly bears, huge swarms of mosquitoes, inclement weather, and hours of winter darkness to pursue their passion for painting outside.

Parting Shot: So What if It Is Zero Degrees Outside?

RL Weber recently noted that the temperature was hovering around 0 degrees Fahrenheit. So he got ready to do some plein air painting. Lead...
The brown bear that Bill Davidson encountered while plein air painting in the Tetons

How One Artist Survived a Bear Encounter

What should you do if you see a bear while plein air painting in the wilderness? See what Bill Davidson did to survive his encounter.

The Paint That’s Illegal

- Bob Bahr reporting, Editor PleinAir Today - There’s a paint, a “material,” that an artist patented, and no one else is allowed to use...

The Painter from Ipanema

On a recent trip to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, my wife and I were walking along the sidewalk at Ipanema Beach when I noticed a group of plein air painters in the median strip between the different lane directions on the boulevard.
"The Matterhorn," by Rowan Huntley, 2012, acrylic, 15 3/4 x 22 in.

Extreme Painting: Rowan Huntley

Rowan Huntley lives in Wales, but she likes to paint at the ends of the world. The British artist has gone on expeditions to Antarctica,...

Puddles: Water and Light

Robert Bashford likes painting puddles. If you think about it, that’s brilliant. Why? Lead Image: “The Muddy Bikers,” by Robert Bashford, oil, 10 x...

“Into the Arctic II”

View the trailer for “Into the Arctic II,” a film about plein air painter Cory Trepanier returning to paint the Canadian Arctic. The film...

The Great American Eclipse — En Plein Air

Millions of Americans ventured outdoors on Monday, August 21, to witness the incredible total solar eclipse that swept across the nation from Oregon to South Carolina. Naturally, among them were plein air painters, eager to take advantage of this exceedingly rare artistic opportunity. The results?
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Water, Water Everywhere!

Cooper Dragonette spent a lovely morning painting a small plein air study of the stormy coastline at Pond Cove in Cape Elizabeth, Maine. The...

My Favorite Place to Paint: Keith Gunderson

Florida may be old news to many, but it can still be rather exotic. Especially where Keith Gunderson paints. One of Gunderson's favorite places...
Left: Kip Bradley painting en plein air; Right: Kip's painting of the marsh

A Muddy Marsh Adventure

Plein air painter Kip Bradley is painting six marsh locations around Savannah, Georgia over the course of a year to document coastal changes.
Plein air painter Randall Cogburn

A 260-Mile Plein Air Relay

Is it possible to participate in two distant plein air events in the same week? This ambitious artist pushes the limits to find out. Bonus: Includes a list of tips for your next plein air event!

Selling Everything, Painting Everywhere

Who hasn’t, at one time or another, fantasized about selling everything they own and hitting the road, traveling and painting? Patrick Saunders is doing...
Ted Heublein painting underwater

Plein Air, Sous Marine

Theodore Heublein has been diving for 50 years, and for the past 20, has been painting underwater at the Point Lobos State Natural Reserve....

Going to Extremes: Plein Air Painting in a Rail Yard

An artist shares how he followed his muse and made his way into a rail yard to paint a burned out and abandoned train car.

Chronicling Life Changes, En Plein Air

- Bob Bahr reporting, Editor PleinAir Today - Amy DiGi loves a challenge and loves to try something new. Sometimes, she will double or even...